What's the minimum Technical Requirements for a Relay Node?

Hi Guys - I’ve tried to find this out but not having much luck. Can anyone tell me, or provide a link for what the min specs are for hosting a Relay Node in terms of cores, memory, storage space, network connections etc?

And I understand that being added as a ‘Relay Node’ is discretionary - what criteria is used to determine this? If I invest in a system capable of running a Relay Node, it would be harsh to then be refused Relay status…


Hi @badmanj,

Yes, as you have already figured, being added as a node running is discretionary.

You can look on https://algorand.foundation/network to get some idea of the node requirements.

I would guess that a relay would need to have the above as a minimum, plus some extra bandwidth capacity.

Also, note that the foundation “Early Node Runners Program” is now closed : https://algorand.foundation/faq ; I don’t know if there is any other programs in place.