How many relay nodes are running Algo

Hi all,

I would like to contribute more for Algorand project by running a node than keep my Algo on wallet only. I’m using my computers to contribute for some project like: Ergo, Monero, Sia. Algo is my next project.

I understand that there’re 2 kind of node: Relay and participation. I searched some topic about node in this forum and find out that running a relay node can earn reward. I have few questions about the relay node:

  1. How many relay nodes are running Algo. The more relay nodes run, the more decentralization we have rite?
  2. The blockchain size of Algo is around 700 GB, should I increase more storage in the future to meet the node requirement? Does the blockchain size effect to the decentralization of network and scale up ability?

Thank you for all replies!

Welcome to Algorand!

Regarding decentralization, relay nodes do not participate in consensus. They are really there for networking. The network of relay nodes is like the Internet backbone: people connect to them to do things (i.e., run a blockchain). As such, I would argue that participation nodes matter much more for decentralization than relay nodes.

Note that participation nodes do not need to keep the full blockchain and only need to keep the current account table which is much less than 20GB.

Useful links:

Thank you for your reply, I think I will run a enterprise grade participation node as instruction.

Do we have a static about the number of participation node are running? Regarding to FAQ, I find out that there’re over 100 relay nodes are running.

Exact list is here:

I believe that community relay nodes comming soon to the list…

The relay nodes are “Archival nodes” … participant nodes (with storage of last 1000 blocks and all account balances) are not in this list

You should run participation node only if you have some project running that requires the data… i dont see a use case for you to run the node without getting any money for it