Relay node rewards

How may I get more details of relay node rewards, except following which is very vague?

Relay Node Participation

The Algorand Foundation has given early supporters around the world who have agreed to run relay nodes the opportunity to earn Algos in exchange. Relay node runners earn tokens according to vesting schedules that range from 2 to 5 years. Any unvested amount will not participate in the consensus protocol.

Apparently, nobody seems to care to answer this question or perhaps, there’s no answer for now.

Take a look at the bottom of the FAQ, it covers Running your own Relay:

Can I earn tokens for running a relay node?

  • Not at this time, but there will be opportunities to earn tokens for relay node running in the future. While anyone can run a relay node, the Algorand Foundation has given early supporters around the world who agreed to run relay nodes at network launch the opportunity to earn Algos in exchange. This early support program is closed, but there will be more opportunities in the future.

So relay nodes program is permissionless , a joke only ?

Hey Mike,

Running nodes (relay and participation) is 100% permissionless. Earning tokens for running a relay node was a program that the Algorand Foundation put together for bootstrapping the network prior to and at launch, as the FAQ from the foundation linked above references. That specific program is now closed as the network has launched.

I would anticipate additional programs opening up in the future, along with a general rewards program being implemented that is alluded to on the foundation’s token dynamics page: “In the future we will introduce additional incentive mechanisms to ensure long term infrastructure support and health. The Algorand Foundation is committed to only introducing mechanisms that are permissionless and allow any interested party to join the network.”

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Can you share how many relay nodes earning tokens are there right now?

According to this 38 million algos have been rewarded to the node runners for the past 8 days. It means around 140 million algos will be given out every month.

Relay node Incentives: Each day tokens are earned by relay node runners, The Algorand Foundation has clearly outlined and explained these here. Approximately 2 billion of these incentive tokens will enter circulation daily over a two year period. The same number of tokens enters circulation every day.

So 2 billion over 2 years for node runners + 3 billion sold on auctions over 5 years. It makes it 1.6b new algos per year and 4,383,561 new algos per day.

We also interested in running Relay node and join to token reward programs…

We would like to contribute Algorand, so I would appreciate it if you could reply to me.

which may explain why ALGO price has tanked. too much supply.

can someone teach me how to set up the relay node and if I am able to earn?

We suggest that rewards tokens are given to other relay node owners, there will be a competition, more people will run relay nodes to get rewards. Also this will increase the cost of getting tokens, and then put the price higher.

Now there are only a few fans for the technology.
We do believe that giving rewards tokens to new relay nodes will attract a bigger eco-system, and then bring a higher price.