Privat network using Docker

Hi Everyone,

So my current configuration:

Raspberry pi nodes running ubuntu containers in host mode (11 Rpi so 1 relay node and 10 non relay nodes) No ports exposed and not sure if needed.

Each container has algorand and needed dependency installed.
On the relay nodes created a private network and made changes to the “Endpoint:” showing the host ip and a port .
{ “GossipFanout”: 1, “NetAddress”: “”, “EndpointAddress”: “”, “DNSBootstrapID”: “”, “EnableProfiler”: true}

Started the private network with that particular relay node (goal network start -n ~/net1/Primary -r ~/net1)

Copied the genesis.json file to the other containers and then started those nodes(goal node start -d /root/net1/Node -p .

One confusion do we copy the genesis.json or the folder Node which was created with the private network ?

Errors or warnings:
while creating private network
WARN[0040] dbatomic: tx took 1.312044372s caller=“” file=dbutil.go function=“*Accessor).Atomic” line=272 readonly=false
Created new partkey: /root/net1/Wallet1.0.3000000.partkey 100000

Every time the relay node starts and then it shutdown after some time
Cannot contact Algorand node: Get dial tcp connect: connection refused.

Am I doing something wrong . Any step which is missed out? the private network works at times before but now its causing this issue

The relay needs to open ports. See


I am interested in running a private network to have a private test net. Is there any documentation that explains technical details to run the Algorand in a private setting?

Thank you

The place to start is this article -

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