The Rise of Real World Assets in the Tokenized Era

Hey RWA Fam,

I’ve been immersing myself in the dynamic world of Real World Assets (RWA) and am excited to discuss the innovative opportunities it presents, especially in the realm of fractional ownership and tokenization.

The concept of fractional ownership in RWAs has opened up new horizons for investors and enthusiasts alike. It’s fascinating to see how we can now have a stake in high-value assets through fractional shares, made possible by the amazing approach of tokenization. This shift is not merely about investment; it’s a transformative step towards democratizing asset ownership and making it more accessible to a broader audience.

I’m keen to delve deeper into specific projects within this space. What are your thoughts on the current RWA projects that stand out in terms of their approach to tokenization and overall impact? Are there any particular trends or developments in the RWA space that you find particularly promising or challenging?

I believe this forum is the perfect place to exchange ideas and insights about these emerging trends. Your experiences, thoughts, and predictions could provide invaluable perspectives as we navigate this evolving landscape together.

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Hi Shamira,

we have launched the RWA token - Gold backed token with publicly auditable reserves. Each gold coin is minted as NFT and sold in the onchain eshop. Owner of this NFT can use it in our NFT marketplace and resell it, he can use it in other NFT marketplace which supports ARC-3 NFTs, or he can redeem it by parcel delivery.

Can I get some feedback on our product?

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Can it be traded for physical real gold?

Yes, each gold coin is NFT and you can request the physical gold to be sent by parcel delivery.

The physical gold coin can be either sold at closest goldsmith’s shop or in some numismatic physical auction.

Check each coin details… for example: SN2 or SN12


Hi @scholtz I explored your product, and it’s quite impressive at first glance. I wanted to share a project I’m personally involved with—Aconomy. They’re doing remarkable work in tokenizing assets. From Luxury watches to comic books, scripts, and antique artifacts, they cover a diverse range of categories. Currently in the testnet phase, you can create your Asset NFT and list it on the Aconomy marketplace.

You have nice design there, but I noticed you do not support Algorand…

On algorand you can mint 1000 NFTs for 1 algo, which is $0,186 at the moment. You can use dex aggregators such as deflex or folks router so that you give your customers best price from any token on chain they own.

You have to work on the terms and conditions to make it legal. I wondered if you do also real world delivery of those assets, allowed countries, and the delivery prices, but your docs are empty yet.

So keep up good work, and I recommend you to work also on Algorand chain.

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Integrating Real World Assets to the blockchain is a welcome development. There have always been the issues of illiquidity associated with these assets, but tokenizing them exposes them to a larger market


I’m incredibly optimistic about the future of RWAs.

It’s a space with immense potential to reshape the global economy and make wealth creation more inclusive.

I believe collaboration and open discussion, like this forum, are key to navigating the challenges and unlocking the full potential of this exciting revolution.

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Hello @Romose,
I can’t agree more. I have also been associated with an asset tokenization project - Aconomy. They have also been enabling the users to bring their RWAs on-chain and making them tradable for wider interested investors or buyers. Moreover, they also have a vision of realizing the latent liquidity of illiquid RWAs by offering numerous on-chain opportunities like borrowing on tokenized assets, auctioning them without any third-party and more. You can also check Aconomy Marketplace to get better idea of what they are doing in the asset tokenization space.

Absolutely, the potential of RWAs and their impact on asset tokenization is remarkable. With the global asset tokenization market projected to reach $5.6 billion by 2026, I’m very hopeful that this market can make significant shift in wealth creation and accessibility. This can bring evolution in the global asset economy and yes, open discussions like this are crucial for navigating and maximizing its potential.