GP12 DeFi Rewards (TDR) Proposal - Meld Gold

Hey everyone,
Please see the linked TDR proposal for Meld Gold, a core focus is on fPOOLS with them now included in TDR calculations for the DEXes we have put a significant focus on these pools with a 72% allocation.
The X-NFT rewards program will continue but Meld Gold has funded these out of its own treasury for the remainder of the year with the new Year of the Dragon release due shortly.
Any feedback welcomed.


Are there no plans to allocate funds to PLAT$ or PALD$?

I am looking forward to the release.

Hey @yazyyyyyyy.algo how are you?
Certainly will be looking at this as the PLAT$ & PALD$ go live but on the cards just yet.
I am looking forward to the release as well!

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Will Meld do any marketing, partnerships? Or will you rely on xGov to prop up your token that “backs” gold and sit on Algorand and wait for people to jump on inflated APR percentage?

Hey @Richflairstv
The token doesn’t back gold, assuming you meant the other way around?
In terms of inflated APR percentages, what are you counting as inflated based on what volatility profile? What would you say are the low v ideal v inflated APR ranges for the current pairings volatility profiles?
In terms of marketing and partnerships we have been executing on a range, but you haven’t thought these were valuable from what you are saying? What would you like to see us doing on this front instead?


Excuse my ignorance, what does the the correlation between Gold and your token have to do with each other?

I’m counting on the times that a token has received funds directly and from other defi platforms allocating funds towards Gold$.

Can you give examples on partnerships you are executing? Your token is the only one by itself that received allocation which is very interesting. Also any marketing steps you guys are doing besides retweet from the same partnership accounts.

I would personally like to see Meld Gold stand up and fight the RWA fight on twitter, Reddit, YouTube. Many ways to do that. Foundation and platforms like lofty, travelx are putting information out and showcasing this. Maybe team up create a RWA alliance since there is all these councils.

RWA is a buzzword right now and could be used to our advantage as old school investors enjoy purchasing gold as it can portray a safer investment. This should be at the for front to educate web2 and traditional investors.

There is still a mist in the Algorand community on what you own and don’t own when you buy Gold$.

Become more of a vocal leader in your field standing firm in what you believe in giving Algorand confidence in your product.

We lack leaders in Algorand but not people who use xGov and “strategic partnerships” for their gain. Very interesting.

Hey @Richflairstv
Sorry mate I am not sure what you mean? It is clearly stated that 1 token = 1g of the equivalent metal, what is the mist?

It is probably easiest if you answer my APR question this would clear up what you are talking about in terms of inflated APRs.

Only token by itself that received allocation, what does this mean? Meld Gold is a platform and has two tokens currently circulating being GOLD$ & SILVER$ and fell in to the bridge category bridging RWAs along with 3 other platforms.

In terms of the RWA fight, from what you have said you didn’t know what Meld tokens were and if they were RWAs at all. But lets move past that and if you are stating Meld Gold should join the RWA fight, lets say you accept they are exactly that. We certainly do join that fight, digitally on the mediums you specifically reference potentially not as much as some others. But we do fight on other fronts for example just this week we spent two days at the LYD growth conference who service just under 700 accountants and financial planners talking about Gold & Silver and how we can help make access to these assets easier, safer and more manageable. We joined Blockchain Australia and have been participating in advisory boards for guiding government on legislation and acting in this capacity and as Meld Gold independently meeting and educating a range of institutions like QiC on Blockchain (over Crypto). Which we see as where we should be working to educate the Web2 / Traditional investors you mention over the mediums you suggested. Participating in events like Paris Blockchain Week, Bitcoin Halving, Token2049 etc. This list is a lot more extensive but to give you a snap shot of the fronts we are fighting on.

In terms of value from a marketing activity in the mediums you suggest how are you thinking about this currently? Why specifically the avenues you mention over others and what would the KPI’s you would want to see look like for it to be a good use or performance compared to currently?

There are some additional elements as well, such as the legal positioning for Meld Gold over the others you mention with Meld Gold falling in a different category which impacts how and what it can communicate particularly digitally. But if you have examples of other products that are in the same legal category you think have executed a version you think has been on point, I appreciate the info. Definitely keen to create value wherever we can.

In terms of wanting more partnerships but inferring not strategic partnerships, what specifically does this mean? We have had strategic partnerships with Tinyman, Folks Finance, Algomint, xBacked, Pact, Humble, Compx, Wormhole, Messina, Algorai and probably a couple of others I have missed which fall in to your strategic partnerships category of TDR. You are suggested we stop these and replace with what other types of partnerships in TDR? It might be easier to suggest specific changes to the TDR plan?

For other partnerships beyond what I have mentioned above we have had a large number, rather than listing them all it will be easier if you define what you see as a successful partnership plan and why? I don’t want to create a chunk of work for you, so just briefly of what it might look like for Meld Gold and why.

Thanks in advance.


Is the intention of fAlgo and fUSD pools to bring more cross chain liquidity to algorand ?
Also liked the xUSD pairs. But not sure goUSD pairs will have the intended impact or not because of lack of interest.

Hey @vidhyanand
How are you mate? Thanks for the questions and feedback.

fPools are really to maximise capital efficiency, so the pairs are generating yield from the supply APY on Folks which is substantial particularly on the USDC side. I do think long term these kind of innovations will also help provide the incentives needed for LPs when TDR is no longer and the impacts of impermanent loss become a real factor. Though I am hopeful we see concentrated liquidity pools in the future as this will really help address that as well.

For goUSD it is still one of the largest pieces of the liquidity and trading volume, in USD$ pairing liquidity for example it accounts for a little over 27% for GOLD$ and 25% for SILVER$ (it was higher for both). But we have only allocated 3.44% of rewards to each, this is to take a cautious approach and try to shift / grow liquidity in other pairings. The hope is this will help show where the demand is, do we see strong growth in the other pairings for example. But the moment thinking we will keep at least a minimal amount to support the liquidity that already exists in those pairings.

Feel free to share any other thoughts on this though.


Thank you for the explanation.

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I don’t think it will be in time for this term, but I have a suggestion.

How about the new minting of a community basket token?

We could select around five tokens like $AKITA and $COOP. We could use user selection through a survey on X or implement cut-offs based on TVL and circulating supply. I’ll leave the details to you.

I referred to the following information.

MarketVecto, a subsidiary of American asset management giant VanEck, launched the Meme Coin Index, including Dogecoin (30.77%), Shiba Inu (28.34%), Pepe (14.51%), dogwifhat (12.54%), Floki Inu (7.14%) and BONK (6.7%) ). The Meme Coin Index has returned 137.96% so far this year, making it the best-performing index on MarketVector.

Hey @yazyyyyyyy.algo
How are you?
I do love this idea and I believe Compx has some functionality on the roadmap that in intended for something exactly like this!

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Morning / Evening everyone,
I have just updated the program to include participation with Messina in Token Wars, Meld Golds participation will revolve around Gold & Silver backed NFTs rewards (along with Messina supplied ALGO rewards) to drive additional awareness and holders of Meld Gold assets.
30,000 ALGO has been allocated from Meld Gold’s TDR allocation, this has been sourced by a reduction in ALGO lending pool pairings on Pact (focusing on the USDC pairing aligning with Folks), a small reduction in the ALGO pairing on Tinyman and larger reductions in the goUSD & xUSD pairings on Pact.
Please feel free to share any feedback.