Meld Gold Targeted DeFi Rewards (TDR) GP9 Post & GP10 Distribution Plan

Hey everyone,
Please see below two reports from Meld Gold.

  1. TDR GP9 Post Report.
  2. TDR GP10 Plan.

Please feel free to share any feedback.


I am a big fan of the company but I wondering if GOLD/ALGO pools in Tinyman can giving some rewards and Silver and when is Meld going to come out with PLAT and PALD :blush:

Hey Dashawn,
How are you?
Thanks for the feedback mate, we actually worked with Tinyman to incentivise different pools. So Tinyman focusing on the ALGO pairings with GOLD$ and SILVER$ and Meld incentivising other pools. For two reasons, one to create additional options for LP’s that generates additional transactions through routing and arbitrage but also to begin positioning GOLD$ as an alternative to traditional fiat as a pairing asset. With the concept of if you want to be an LP and pair an asset with a ‘stable coin’ then Gold is great alternative to Fiat. For a range of reasons that probably requires a discussion of its own at some point.
In terms of Platinum and Palladium, definitely on the horizon but before new assets are launched the focus is on CEX listings which myself and the team are working on as we speak.


Thank you for the reply and I get what saying about working on a CEX listing that’s a good idea and as too the Algo pool just because Algo is the core asset of the network and would the very 1st thing people would have to swap with but I don’t mind adding the GOLD/Algo pool on Tinyman for now and a few of my friends I got to do it to again I love the idea of owning GOLD on chain snd I was wondering :thought_balloon: if you guys can do a Twitter space maybe with community I would love :heart: to go to it .again great fan of your the company and your work you do in the Algorand community,blockchain


Thanks @dashawn.algo much appreciated and I will definitely organise a space soon.
I didn’t clarify this in my last reply but there is 9,000 ALGO rewards going in to the GOLD$ & SILVER$ pools paired with ALGO on Tinyman.


Ok :+1:t4: thanks :blush: nice mmm Algo rewards on Tinyman

there are no percentages for what pool gets what so they plan is not complete yet?

Hey Lobo, how are you?
No the plan is definitely complete. I have always laid it out in this format but happy to add the pool breakdowns and should be up in the next 5.


why are there more incentives for xUSD-GOLD and xUSD-SILVER pools than goUSD pools? xUSD doesnt have an effective peg mechanism anymore besides hard liquidations and goUSD is also backed by xUSD. xUSD is also 3% off peg right now and i think you should try to support the peg of your metal tokens by pairing them with something more trusted

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Hey @lobo
The focus on the pools has been based on the idea of xUSD being a key future piece for scalable borrowing against Meld Gold assets. So 1/3 of the rewards has been dedicated to this end, though I am going to look at some of the non USD pairings later today and see if these should be moved with some of the other conversations happening.

This makes sense as it adds utility to these metal tokens but I feel like you might want to start with a more balanced approach when it comes to pairings with stablecoins like xUSD and goUSD/USDC. The adoption of xUSD hasn’t picked up significantly yet imo and with the lacking peg mechanisms it has now it could add risks of depegging to the metal tokens as well.


Thanks @lobo I will take it onboard. Appreciate it.

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Hey guys,
The GP10 rewards plan has been adjusted shifting some rewards mainly to focus more on deepening the goUSD liquidity with GOLD & SILVER.
Again appreciate the feedback.


Yah but more and more people are starting to use xUSD which is a Algorand native and in time
It can be as big as DAI . And xBacked is working very hard to get a peg mechanism work out that would work for most parties involved

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