TOKEN with an address generated from a Smart Contract creation

Hello person, a help to understand how triggering a smart contract works?

When I create a TOKEN with an address generated from a Smart Contract creation,

any event ( purchase / transfer … etc ) made in this Token, the Smart Contract
is it initialized / invoked… as a trigger on a table in a database?


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Tokens on Algorand do not require smart contracts. You can read how to create, transfer, etc here: Algorand Standard Assets (ASAs) - Algorand Developer Portal

That said if you want to use logic(smart contract) with a token you can do that. Take a look at this ARC: ARCs/ at main · algorandfoundation/ARCs · GitHub
The reference implementation has a great readme: GitHub - algorandlabs/smart-asa: Smart ASA reference implementation

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Thanks for the feedback and for the Links indication, I will check… But yes, I want to create a logic in Smart Contract, for a token that I will create, and I hope that any sale or transfer of token, The smart contract will be triggered automatically, without the need to invoke it.
but thanks again.