Translating proposals for xGovs - helping us understand them

I love Algorand and am thrilled to be an xGov. However, I am not a developer and when I read many of the ARCs and other posts for xciv, I don’t feel qualified to comment on them because they are technical. It would be cool if the Foundation had someone (Adri?) review ARCs or posts related to xGov proposals and effectively “translate” them for people like me who really want to participate. For example, to say “This proposal is about creating and “we” (the Foundation) like the idea of it…” similar to showing how the Foundation votes for regular voting. That way, others could decide, ok, this costs a lot, or if it’s a good idea and cost is reasonable… thanks for any comments.


At cardano it seems they solved it by decentralized way… If person wants to comment on proposals, the granting plaform selects them 30 project to comment on, there is system of reviewing the comments and people are paid for their work. Ep 061 | Project Catalyst, Cardano w/ Kriss Baird of IOHK - YouTube (It was on last The next block show)

Do you really want to go more centralized route where foundation will have more decision influence? Do you want only foundation employees to be paid to do so?

In january/february we discussed this with Adri at some twitter spaces where there was on table public reviewing and scoring so that scam projects are filtered but technically be able to vote on… Foundation decided that they will not complicate the things and they will go with the github PR ways, discussion of the abstract on the forum by anyone who cares in unstructured way.

So I suggest if you have questions to the proposals, go to the git or to the forum link, and try to ask a qusetion so that you understand correctly the proposal. This way you will help others as well…

the foundation is not supposed to say what they like or not, thats what we need to decide on. comment on the proposals and i bet either the proposer or someone from the community will help out

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I understand your request @timlevin.algo, but I completely disagree with your suggestion for
the foundation to get involved in this process.

The objective of xGov is to get the community more involved in decisions to evolve from AF as the centralized ecosystem entity.

The people making the proposals are the most able to answer questions, and the community can also get together to help out.