TRUSTIBLE is gaining momentum

Imagine an Algorand product that is invisible to the end user but protects their privacy and assets through key recovery and insurance.

No need to imagine, Trustible is that Algorand Project.


For the retail consumer

A service provided by Vendible Labs. Upon proving that you are a unique individual. Trustible creates a personal identity vault tied to that individual. This identity vault can be used to safely store your private keys or seeds phrases of your crypto wallets. There will be an annual subscription fee for protecting a key or seed phrase.

During the creation of the identity vault, and subsequently, no personal information of the individual is stored in any manner or in any one location. Only you as the owner of the identity vault can access and view information associated with the identity vault. You control if and when your data is shared with anyone or any app. At any time the access given can be revoked by the consumer.

For early adopters it is possible to purchase Ible City xNFTs. These are cross chain NFTs available on Algorand, Polygon, Solana and Ethereum blockchains. During the testnet phase, these xNFTs can be merged into higher tiered NFTs. Merged xNFTs come with higher rewards.

Trustible is a private key or seed phrase recovery & asset protection service.