Turn a mobile wallet into a full node?

Hi there!

I’m new on the forum and I’m trying to get practice with Algorand.

I own a mobile wallet on Android and I would like to know if is there any possibility to turn it into a full partecipation node, since a would like not to transfer my current stack to another wallet. For example: may I use my mobile wallet address to run a full node on Ubuntu in any way? Or is it necessary to create a new address?


you can export your address mnemonic and recover it on a local node that you run. Is that what you are looking for?

By mnemonic you mean the seed phrase? If so this means that is it possible to manage the same wallett (address) from Mobile and Linux at the same time?

Yes I was referring to the backup phrase and yes the account can be both on mobile and linux.

Thank you Jason!

A further doubt: suppose I switch my node status online through a Linux machine and shut down this machine. Now, the status of my node depends on which machine is actually “online”? I mean, since the node is the same as the mobile Android app one, what happens if my smartphone is on and the Linux machine is off? In this condition my node is still participating in the Algorand consensus protocol?

May be the question is badly asked due to my current limited knowledg of Algorand blockchain.


If you switched your account online ( i.e. created participation keys for a specific duration ), your account will be online for that period of time, regardless of whether your computer is turned on or off.

Your account will not be voting if your computer is off (naturally). Algorand maintains sufficient online stake in order to ensure the lack of your account participation would not negatively affect the consensus protocol.

Is that answer your question ?

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Thank you tsachi, this clarify my doubt!