Is every wallet a validator?

Just read the intro article on algorand’s technology.

I have a question arising from it.

Is even a light wallet acting like a full node?
The impression I got is that every token, wherever stored, may select itself to validate the next block.

Since there is no delegation, doesn’t that mean that even a light wallet must propose blocks? And maintain a mempool?

Does that really happen on a cell phone wallet on Algorand?

thanks in advance.

Hi @miwal

In Algorand PPoS nodes do not need to be Archival to participate in consensus. Since Algorand’s transactions have at most a validity of 1000 rounds, even light nodes, synchronised via Fast Catchup without storing the whole chain, could participate as block proposers and block validators.

Participation Nodes in Algorand PPoS have no entering barriers: you don’t need to bond nor delegate your stake, there is no minimum stake required (you can even participate with 1 ALGO), hardware and energy requirements are minimal.

Every ALGO you own is eligible to take part in the PPoS: you just need to register your stake “online” by generating participation keys.

No, the Algorand Mobile Wallet is not a node, is just an “interface” that reads the blockchain, manages private keys and signs and submits transactions to the blockchain.

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