Total node/validators

I read that in algorand everyone can be a node/validator and there are no staking pools. According to the official metric there are 2251 nodes and 370 unique accounts participating in the consensus protocol.

  1. What is the maximum number of nodes?
  2. Is 370 the actual number of nodes validating the network?

Thank you

Welcome to Algorand!

The beauty of the Algorand protocol is that the complexity of the protocol is almost completely independent of the number of nodes, because a random constant-size committee is used for each step of the protocol/
The size of the committee is independent of the number of nodes.
Even if you have millions of nodes, the committee will just be a couple thousands nodes.

This is the number of accounts that voted over the last week, so I would say it is a good proxy right now for the number of nodes validating the network.