Main questions tokenometrics!

Hello ALGO team and all participants!

Please give me answers to my questions that I cannot find an answer on my own:

  1. Immediately after the first auction, which will be on June 19, the main network of ALGOs will be launched and the NODE will start working, how many tokens do you need for the node to work and can I steak them and receive an award?
  2. How many NODE will be launched at the very beginning and is there any plan to increase their number?
  3. How many ALGO tokens needed to launch a node for a test network?
  4. At an auction on June 19, 25 million ALGO tokens will be sold. Will the main network be launched from these tokens or will the tokens that are not sold at auction be used to launch the main network?
  5. What is the reward for the nodes and for participants who steak their ALGO tokens into these nodes?
  6. Please give more accurate information on tokenometrics on all these issues, why is everything so difficult for ordinary people who do not understand programming and technical intricacies ?? !!
  7. If I do not participate in the auction, but I plan to buy tokens on the exchange ALGO, where and when can I do this? Why there is no specific information and dates of listings for people who will not be able to participate in the auction ???

Please answer each of my questions, thank you!

Hey Ely,

  1. We have two types of nodes, relay nodes and participation nodes (please see here for more detail: Relay nodes do not require any stake to operate. Participation nodes also do not require stake to operate, but do require some stake in order to participate in consensus. Please see rewards explanation here:

  2. Algorand is public and permissionless. Anyone can join and operate a relay node, a particpation node, or both.

  3. You do not need tokens to launch a node on the test network. See for more information on joining the TestNet.

  4. Iā€™m not sure I understand the question here. Please see for projected circulating supply over time.

  5. Please see rewards explanation here:

  6. Please see token economics here:

  7. We anticipate exchange listing shortly after the first auction. More details to come!

Hi, is there a proper way to calculate a ROI for both relay nodes and participation nodes?

  1. The page you linked to says: ā€œIn Algorand, every user is an equal member of the community and earns an amount of rewards proportional to their stake for every block that is committed to the chain. Rewards are earned by users who have correctly designated their status in the system as offline or online.ā€
    Does it mean that a user is actually a participant node? And that how much your participant node earns depends on its balance?

No a user is represented by an account and an account with balance earns rewards based on their balance.