Setting up a public relay

I don’t see any more recent discussions on relays and wanted to ask: how does one set that up? I saw the page for private relays, but I am interested in running a full-time relay and can’t find any still-valid links to documentation on how to do that. Thanks in advance!

Please see Algorand Foundation’s new FAQ about running relays:

Thanks for that! So the short answer is that I cannot at this time, right? Or is there someone I could have further discussion with? Thanks again!

Relays just provide the networking layer of the protocol. They do not participate in consensus. Even if they are all malicious, the blockchain cannot fork as long as enough participation nodes are honest.

At this point in time, growing the number of participation nodes is much more important.
Anybody holding Algos can run a participation node.

Why are you interested in running a relay?

Thought it might bring more value to the underlying network but if participation nodes are of more value to the cause then I will stick with that!

Thanks so much for answering my questions and being patient with me!

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