Unlocked content or aditional content on NFT for owners only

Is like in opensea. “unlocked content” is additional material that is only visible to the actual owner of the NFT. In my case there on ETH. Very High Resolution versions on video of some pieces. Only available for the owner.
Don’t know if can be handled as some ARC trait or something owner’s only available.
Or in the process of send encrypted messages from one account to another, can reuse this in the futur to have “unlock content” without having the marketplace to store it as @StephaneBarroso mentioned on discord

I think something like that without storage off-chain (with a link to the bonus material embedded in the note/Url field) is not possible yet. However, it may be that the boxes feature added in the near future would be applicable for such a use case.

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When the content has been unlocked, what should happen if the NFT is transferred to someone else?

i believe this content or the link is also transferred

For me, this needs to be solved from the front end of the dApp:
If Viewer == Owner: display(UnlockedContent) else: display(LockedView)

But it does mean that everyone can access the file anyway (because every links are stored on the blockchain)

i see, is true,
i just used the example as it is on Opensea, where the visibility of the link is only open once you own the NFT, the link as i have saw is not connected to the NFT so yes is visible, but is hard to find what is the NFT that points to the link. Also in opensea this has been a feature since i remember so probably must have been working smooth for artist an collectors. I just find it as a cool way to give additional value to any art