Upgrade process with multiple nodes/networks in the same computer

Hi all!

I have a computer with both testnet and betanet but I’m dealing with an issue with the autoupdate script.

The problem is the service is shared on all instances (the upgrade scripts uses the same service for all) so goal will call to the node on the same folder instead of calling the correct one.

I saw the bin folder can be overriden in libgoal but the utility seems not to do it.

Any workaround?

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Yes, it’s very much possible to run testnet and betanet concurrently on the same machine.
It does have few caveats, though. You need to make sure the binaries won’t cross reference each other.

That means that you should not use the debian/rpm installer but rather using the update.sh script manually. Once you manually configure two different locations for the binaries, and avoid exposing that location via your path, you should be good to go.

This approach is not very common among non-developers, which is why it’s not supported out of the box.

Hi @tsachi, dev team told me the script also makes use of the service. Is there any other official method?

Yes, of course you could create a service around that ( but that doesn’t really change much ).

The service would just facilitate the startup/shutdown of the process.

I’m not aware of how this script use services, but it might. ( feel free to look into that script to find out )

It uses it because the service can be active to restart the node if the process stops (i.e. by a crash)