Weather data on Algorand

I generate hourly weather forecasts everyday for the entire North America as main product of my startup weather company. Is it possible to publish weather data on the Algorand network and allow users to access it?
If you have ideas and suggestions please feel free to comment.

You should take a look here:


let us know how much data you are accumulating.

The plan is to have fifty major cities in NA covered, the data contains 36 hours of temp, humidity, cloud coverage, precipitation (rain, snow, freezing rain and ice pellets), wind gust, and pressure. It can be fitted into a tiny json pretty easily. We can also generate custom forecasts for any given lat/lon with a 1km resolution.

How do you envision that the data you store would be consumed ?

For instance, do you think users would need to access historical data, or just the most recent snapshot ?

Is the amount of data is going to grow over time ? ( i.e. per the above json ).

How valuable would it be for slice-and-dice of the data ? i.e. get the weather information for New England only, or get just the temperatures.

  1. Open to everyone on the network as a free service (for the basic coverage)
  2. Most recent data, new data is generated every 12 hours
  3. Yes, think of one json per 12 hours. the size of json only grows if we want to increase the number of covered locations, number of json files grow over time but they are separately tagged by their timestamp
  4. Good question, it is important to slice and dice, probably you need to get the most recent json and dig it as any other json, but it would be very nice to have an api type of response.