What is a Flat Fee in algorand?

1-What is a Flat Fee in algorand?

2- Is also the minimum fee in the network for all tokens 1000 microalgos?


A flat fee is a fee that does not depend on the size of the transaction. This is in contrast to fees per bytes, which are paid per byte of transaction. Note that these notions are just in the SDK. On the blockchain, all fees are “flat fees”. The SDK transform automatically fees per bytes into flat fees before signing the transaction.

The minimum fee is 1,000 microAlgos per transaction. In addition, if there is congestion (which never happened to my knowledge), nodes will ask for a higher fee or reject the transaction. The fee is then computed as a fee per byte. It starts at 1 microAlgo per byte and increases until congestion is fixed.

If you use the suggested parameters without changing anything, the SDK will automatically compute the correct fee for you.
Some older examples manually force the fee to be a flat fee equal to the minimum fee.
It is now recommended to not do that and instead use the suggested fee.

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