Where did the PPOS go?

Why is PPOS not running now and rewards being replaced by governance?
Also, when did this change and who changed it?
Does this mean that Algorand is fairly centralized?

The consensus algorithm (i.e., the base algorithm of the Algorand blockchain) is still PPoS.
A description of PPoS and comparison with other consensus mechanisms can be found there: https://www.algorand.com/technology/pure-proof-of-stake

In particular, anyone can run a participation node.
And the beauty of the Algorand protocol is that even if millions of people run participation nodes, the network would still be (almost) as fast as it is currently. This is due to the novel idea of “sortition” which selects a (constant-size) committee for each step of the protocol.

There actually was never any reward for participating in consensus on Algorand.
The “participation rewards” (that have been replaced by “governance rewards”) were distributed to all the users whether or not they actually participated in consensus or not.


Hi Fabrice,

Where can I find historical and deep metrics of the consensus protocol?
Type : number of nodes , how many participate in the consensus , etc etc …

I think algorand manages this official metrics https://metrics.algorand.org

Hi Scholtz,

I need historical metrics , not only last week or month.

I don’t know of a website with detailed historical metrics.
You can compute some metrics yourselves using the algod API.

You can get all the block proposers by querying an archival algod.

You can also get a certificate for each block (if you ask format=msgpack / raw).
Certificates are a subset of “cert-votes” that are sufficient to approve the block.
Note however that multiple nodes may see different certificates.
But you may still be able to get some metrics from there.

Finally, you can also manually re-compute the total online stake at any time and who registered keys and when. This is not so straightforward.

The other messages of the Algorand consensus (like “soft-votes”) are not recorded to my knowledge.

If you take a look to https://app.metrika.co/algorand/dashboard/network-performance?tr=1d , they have some metrics that are not present on official metrics , like soft-votes.

How do they do it ?

To count soft votes, the solution I know is to run several nodes in various parts of the world and use custom software to parse logs.