Where is the Algorand Foundation with all that's happening

Where is the Algorand Foundation with all that’s happening? There is so much going on in crypto and Algorand with the volatility and attacks on the Algorand protocol, but I haven’t heard anything from the Algorand Foundation either here, their website or twitter.

Can the Algorand Foundation be more visible and communicate more during the uncertain times? FUD is all around us. Communication works best.

I don’t think it’s appropriate for the Foundation (or Inc) to make any comments on price movements.

Was there any attack on the Algorand protocol? I saw somebody raised a concern on Twitter about sub-hash, etc. But, they were all clearly answered by the Algo team. Basically, Algo tech stack is as solid and secure as backed by the team’s mathematical foundation.

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The most struggeling thing i saw was when one italian IPO issued i few million ASAs, but algorand handled it without any issues and processeed it in few days…

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