xBacked DeFi GP9 Post report & GP10 TDR Plan

Hey folks please find our GP9 post report and GP10 TDR plan below.

xBacked gp9 post report

xBacked Q1 2024 TDR


It is very nice :blush: to see you giving 22.29% of the rewards to vault holders :grin: I would also like to see you give a little love over at Tinyman and do a xUSD/ALGO pool


This would be a great idea. Because if xUSD/ALGO pool becomes large enough, it will be part of gov pools and also probably will get DeFi rewards from else where just based on size on next gov period.

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I don’t see why GOLD and SILVER pools get incentivized that much because they don’t help the peg as much as something like xUSD-goUSD or something like xUSD-USDC would. Especially when looking at trading volume GOLD and SILVER don’t seem like highly traded assets so the TVL in those pools wouldnt be used a lot

Also why is there no ALGO-xUSD pool? Would make way more sense than this meta l pools imo as people would probably enjoy farming ALGO-xUSD and committing it to governance which would mean potentially more liquidity for xUSD


ok i just learned xUSD is not redeemable anymore which means it absolutely needs a xUSD-USDC pool to keep its peg at least decently.

Having pools with metals is cool but the protocol needs to focus on the most important thing: xUSD’s peg. Without a good peg xUSD is useless sadly and atm its 3% off peg when using the vestige aggregator.

Hello, I see you guys have barely been active on twitter with about 10 orginal post since the beginning of last year.

Most post that you guys make aren’t gaining any traction. Whats the plan to grow your platform? I don’t see the reason this platform should be receiving funds. Says Xbacked has been on twitter since August 2021

Let me know if I’m missing information thanks

Hey Rich these rewards are based on TVL. Also it’s important to note that x-Backed is still building see new vaults, inclusion in Algomints baskets etc. Twitter has been quiet I agree but thats not a metric considered in DeFi rewards.

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Should be redeemable via the Basket?

Understandable on the building, but regardless being active is important on your brand. If not then you’re just a middle man for giving free funds. Which we could use to help out others things in the ecosystem. I’m looking at the whole picture.

Your plan is to be active but haven’t been yet. Companies typically are active to gain more users in the beginning and throughout the process of being born. Not just wait for funds to be received from a foundation then try and be active.

Sorry I’m just missing the point of you guys receiving any funding for what you guys are doing. Whether it’s in the requirements or not. Higher business standards should always apply.

No because it always above it’s limit in that basket. Algomints also doesn’t seem to have a way to make this better

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In Align with community comments we have made small adjustments to the xBacked TDR GP10 Plan, moving rewards to co-incentivise an xUSD / ALGO pool with Tinyman

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Peg on Algorand I thank nothing but the fast it is one of
The biggest in the world I know they say you can redeem it for one $1 but how easy is this process