xGov-108-Airgap vault & wallet integration via isolated modules

Seems pretty cool to me. It opens up support for people who use other chains currently and want to try Algo without downloading a new wallet. And it means you could essentially use an old phone like a Ledger.

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Yes. That is the intention behind this proposal. Also expose algo to Eth, Dot and other crypto holders who are using airgap

This is great simply because of the fact as of now there is nothing that even compares, Its open source, AIRGAPPED, has multi key support, multi-sig support and the team is active, I find the key generation also a great , the dice and entropy method quite interesting. Walletconnect support is also something i like. Seems like they have the tools available to develop even further into it. Look at Tezos and Beacon within Airgap wallet pretty interesting , It would be great if we integrate something similar as Ill be honest I will use this for my algos i would feel safer having them sitting on the Airgap vault than perawallet.

For now Maybe I will use pera as a quick spend tool storing some algo for voting but i would feel much safer having the bulk of my algo on something airgapped. If we have staking and everything avalaible on Airgap i may even migrate all there

As per ledger -
Ledger is closed & not airgapped

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Yes. Open-sourced multi-chain wallet makes future development, integrations and upgrades much more easier.

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Also with Isolated Modules feature seems to make it even quicker to onboard other chains

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Mam for the sake of security this is now a must because i must admit this is already a favourite wallet maybe because security is my number 1 requirement and after digging hard and deep diving I thought how true this is these things are truly battle tested by the entire world even meets bank criteria to allow there payment apps and processes. What am i on about? Look here

Also i must admit i love my samsungs so i have an even further advantage as their phones are also open source from software to hardware they beleive in open source progression Samsung Open Source as do android .

Some ppl might find this bit insane, funny or TLDR but nevertheless iits an obvious what i would call an impossible hypothetical…so you might guess someone who loves iphones would have spares? and same with android or samsung lovers would have a few spare which needs some dusting off and a new use case which led me to decide my sleek looking galaxy s9 will be the vault so ive factory reset it and after the standard update i switched it to offline mode and haven’t been online since . For all the Samsung peeps you may know about the Samsung KNOX security measure so u know its not meddled with and warranty is still void and has stock non rooted firmware. i sideloaded the vault apk and installed it into the secure folder feature just for that extra layer of steps to get to the app i also disabled secure folder so if a random genious gets access to that thing and turns it on first they must go through startup pin then fingerprint then if you manage to get through that you wont even know airgap is on there unless you know me personally and are crazy obsessed perve knowing my every move so lets say you are and not only that your a geniius that broke through the first 2 layers of security. YOU CELEBRATE YOUR IN AND somehow know ive installed it in the secure folder meaning you need to enable this feature just to be able to have the ability to enter that area , but sorry another requirement i decided a nicely sized digit pin you need to enter but your one hacker no one wants to fkwith so you somehow got into the secure area with the first attenpt and knew it was a 7 digit pin on your first attempt, FINlALLY if you managed to get through that now you need to access AIRGAP, your like" too easy peice of cake" it only requires a fingerprint but you have surpassed mission impossible 1 2 3 4 5 you make tom cruise look disabled and this is mission impossible 6 because you already been on your target for weeks and figured out where the device is locked away and you already cracked that
part in mission impossible 1 and hacked through all those areas your finally inside airgap your liike fkkkk yesssss but not haopy and think why isnt there much money , you then realise to take this 10 bux you need to authorise the tx and need to hack through another password pin or biometric lock. But you have transcended now you are beyond human and some super natural being, nothing stops you because even after you some how accomplished MI7 you realise there is a bip39 25th phrase you need know . And because your practically a god now your like PEACE OF CAKE and type it in on the first try…my goodness you deserve every one of those 1000 cents which resides inside that dummy child mnemonic of a wallet.


For those who thought this god hacker made it to the vault didn’t get the last part when you read about this app youll get it .
Woww im really impressed… algo is a must

Yes. Let very excited about the integration

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Great Stuff!

We are eager to see what will happen next. Rest assured, AirGap will provide full support to the Algorand team when the integration process begins.

Here’s our Isolated Modules’ documentation for team Algorand - https://support.airgap.it/isolated-module

Any further questions about our product or possible integrations can be addressed at hi@airgap.it