xGov-104 Notiboy web3 chat (Milestone 2) Group Chat, Encryption and NFD integration

id: 104

period: 3

title: Notiboy Web3 Chat

author: AP (@Vidhyanandcs)

discussions-to: xGov-104 Notiboy web3 chat (Milestone 2) Group Chat, Encryption and NFD integration

company_name: Securecerts Technologies

category: dApps

focus_area: User Onboarding

open_source: Yes

amount_requested: 60000

status: Final


We at Notiboy has a vision to make web3 communication more efficient. That means the algorand addresses should be able to communicate with each other by maintaining their privacy. So we are developing a chat application which will help the addresses to chat between each other in an anonymous way. There will also be a facility for group chat which will help formation and development of web3 communites. The users will also be able to send/transfer assets between addresses during their chat.


AP - CEO. I have 7 years of experience in sales and marketing of mobile handsets for multiple MNCs in India. I have been an active member in the Algorand community since August 2021 and is involved with the Angry Penguins NFT project.

Deepak -CTO. Deepak has a Masters in computer science and has worked in product design & development for leading payment companies in the world. He is well versed in the Algorand smart contracts and SDKs and has been leading the design and development of Notiboy project.

Experience with Algorand

We have been building the Notiboy project and won 2nd prize during the 1st Green House Hackathon. We are one of the 6 teams that graduated from 1st cohort of the Algorand APAC accelerator.

Website: https://notiboy.com/

Present Proposal

In present proposal we would like to implement group chat which will allow projects to create communities without the complxities of discord. Smaller projects can create a group by just connecting their wallet. Community members can join the group by just connecting their wallet and need not share any other information. This will help them to maintain privacy.

We will implement end to end encryptionwhich will make sure that the communication is secure and cannot be leaked by malicious entities.

NFDomains will be integrated for better user experience while chatting. The address and profile picture will be replaced by NFD (if there is one) which can also be considered as a digital idenity usecase for domain name service.

Our group chat application will be mobile first with implementation on iOS and Android. This is inline with the analysis that mobile phones are primarly used for chat applications when compared to web.

Future Blueprint

Milestone 3: Notiboy Super App

Time taken: 3 months

Amount: 100000


  • Transforming Notiboy into a super app for algorand with a service store (services include Node staking pool, swapping router and more…).

  • Implementing chat feature on webapp.

  • Swapping assets between addresses while chatting (web).

  • Sending assets between addresses while chatting (web).

Benefits for the community

  1. Community members can interact with each other by using an algorand address as their identity. Currently, members have to expose their web2 identities, like email-id or phone numbers via a web2 platform to interact with other members or web3 projects.

  2. Web3 projects on algorand can integrate our APIs to their application thus providing an in-app chat experience for

their end-users.

  1. Get concensus rewards by staking into our pool (once consensus rewards are live). This is useful for algo holders who cannot run their own node. Smart contract will be opensource and audited.

Additional information

Twitter: https://twitter.com/notiboyproject

Discord: discord.gg/GdJyPP598W

Medium: Notiboy – Medium


Please have a look at the demo for mobile app we built as part of milestone 1.

Hey @vidhyanand might be helpful to post links to where community can check your Milestone 1 deliverables here too :slight_smile:

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Updated the links so that community can check them

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Solid Work. Solid Project. Solid Idea.

Best of all, you have shown that you deliver. You surely have my support on this project!

This concept of your can grow exponentially, eventually even cross chain!

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Thank you for the support .

i like the idea a lot, especially how it links to nfd, since that tech is already amazing! you have my support

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Yes. integrating NFDs will make addresses less confusing.
We have some interesting things in our future roadmap which will help algofam to take part in consensus.

There are other options in xGov that relate to open sourcing atomic swap features (see @LoafPickle’s submissions for Thurstober). It sounds like your proposal involves building that. Could we achieve savings by combining those and funding only one of those options? Or, perhaps combining them?

If someone is making OSS atomic swap stuff, i would prefer to pay for it only once.

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Atomic swap is very simple to do. Actually the fund from 3rd milestone will be used build the service store with Node House, a marketplace where node runners can meet people interested in committing to the pools for rewards.

We will rewrite the milestone 3 when it is placed in-front of community. Ideas are brainstormed as of now.

Sorry. I have been going through all these proposals one by one and must have had my eyes glaze over. I mistook Milestone 3 for the present proposal. Please disregard. I’m glad you are thinking of rewriting Milestone 3 when it comes up. Hopefully by then we have OSS atomic swap stuff that you all can implement.

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That is okey. We have released 2024 roadmap for notiboy.

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