xGov-74: Notiboy web3 chat

id: 74
title: Notiboy Web3 Chat
author: AP (@Vidhyanandcs)
discussions-to: Discord
company_name: Securecerts Technologies
category: dApps
focus_area: User Onboarding
open_source: Yes
amount_requested: 30000
status: Final


We at Notiboy has a vision to make web3 communication more efficient. That means the algorand addresses should be able to communicate with each other by maintaining their privacy. So we are developing a chat application which will help the addresses to chat between each other in an anonymous way. There will also be a facility for group chat which will help formation and development of web3 communites. The users will also be able to send/transfer assets between addresses during their chat.


AP - CEO. I have 7 years of experience in sales and marketing of mobile handsets for multiple MNCs in India. I have been an active member in the Algorand community since August 2021 and is involved with the Angry Penguins NFT project.

Deepak -CTO. Deepak has a Masters in computer science and has worked in product design & development for leading payment companies in the world. He is well versed in the Algorand smart contracts and SDKs and has been leading the design and development of Notiboy project.

Experience with Algorand

We have been building the Notiboy project and won 2nd prize during the 1st Green House Hackathon. We are one of the 6 teams that graduated from 1st cohort of the Algorand APAC accelerator.
Website: https://notiboy.com/

Present Proposal

In web3 an identity is represented by an address rather than a username or password. When a web3 entity try to communicate with other entities using web2 social media platforms, they find it difficult because of this difference in identity. We at notiboy are building applications that will make communication more effective for algofam. Our notification service helps the web3 projects to effectively communicate with end-user addresses. As a next step, we would like to build a web3 specific chat application that will facilitate address-to-address communication. This application will be integrated into our web and mobile apps. APIs will be made available that can be integrated by the web3 projects to provide a in-app chat experience for their end-users. This will have address to address chat feature, group chat feature which helps in development of web3 communities. The users will also be able to swap/transfer assets while chatting which adds to convenience of web3 ecosystem on Algorand.

Future Blueprint

Milestone 1: Build Chat Application.

Time Taken : 3 months

Amount: 30000

-We intend to build a basic address-to-address chat application and integrate it into our current application.
- Featutrs include 1) Ping an address to start a chat 2) Start chat on approval from the pinged address.

Milestone 2: Build a Group chat feature

Time Taken: 2 months

Amount: 30000

- Group Chat feature which will allow cration of web3 communities without revealing any personal information of users involved.
- Release apis as a service so that projects can integrate chat app into their web3 application.

Milestone 3: Transfer of assets on chat

Time taken: 3 months

Amount: 40000

- Swapping assets between addresses while chatting
- Sending assets between addresses while chatting

Benefits for the community

  1. Community members can interact with each other by using an algorand address as their identity. Currently, members have to expose their web2 identities, like email-id or phone numbers via a web2 platform to interact with other members or web3 projects.

  2. Web3 projects on algorand can integrate our APIs to their application thus providing an in-app chat experience for
    their end-users.

Additional information

Twitter: https://twitter.com/notiboyproject

Discord: discord.gg/GdJyPP598W

Medium: Notiboy – Medium

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This seems interesting - are you requesting this funding during Voting #2?

Yes. We are requesting this fund for voting #2. This is for the milestone 1.

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I like the idea.
Will the users be using a third party front end for the chat? If so how do you address privacy in that setting?

We will primarily be using our own front-end for chat application. Planing to integrate chat app to mobile app UI in phase 1.
We will have basic encryption in the beginning and will move to end to end encryption in the later stages.
Yes, our APIs will be available for third parties to integrate.
Also note the point that identities of users remains pseudo anonymous. The user will be using algorand address or NFD as username and hence will not expose him/her.
So privacy is taken care of from the get go.

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