xGov-25 Notiboy Web3 Chat

Author AP (@Vidhyanandcs)

Category dApps

Focus User Onboarding

Open-Source No

ALGO Requested 85000


In web3 an identity is represented by an address rather than a username or password. When a web3 entity try to communicate with other entities using web2 social media platforms, they find it difficult because of this difference in identity. We at notiboy are building applications that will make communication more effective for algofam. Our notification service helps the web3 projects to effectively communicate with end-user addresses. As a next step, we would like to build a web3 specific chat application that will facilitate address-to-address communication. This application will be integrated into our web and mobile apps. APIs will be made available that can be integrated by the web3 projects to provide a in-app chat experience for their end-users.

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  1. will the chats be encrypted in some way or will everybody be able to read them on chain?

  2. would group chat solutions to complex for now or why exactly do you for now focus on address-to-address communication?

  3. i wonder if your website could be optimized for mobile especially to let users use this chat service easily on mobile (if it isnt yet)

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  1. We are looking for an off-chain solution for chat application. In that way the addresses need not spend algo for communication. But in the next version we will have sending of assets, swapping of assets between addresses while chatting. This will be on-chain and will certainly help community members to initiate transaction while having a conversation.

2)There will be encryption for these chats
3) We would like to go step by step on the chat application. So as of now there will only be a basic chat application.
4) We are launching a mobile app (android and ios) for notifications which will be optimized for chat application in the first phase.