xGov-49 Algo Wallet Library for SolidJS Web Apps

Author Brian Whippo (@SilentRhetoric)

Category Tools

Focus Libraries

Open-Source Yes

ALGO Requested 10000


Solid Algo Wallet will be a turn-key SolidJS Typescript/Javascript code library for developers to easily add Algorand wallet and network integration to their web apps. Not a software developer? This proposal will create free code to help creators and builders focus on bringing their ideas to the Algorand community faster.

Link for details


thanks for the great proposal! although i am not a dev i noticed that having stuff like the use-wallet by txn lab (NFD) is pretty awesome to easily integrate all the wallets into dapps. its quite frustrating seeing dapps only having something like pera integrated

sorry if its a dumb question but you said that the difference would be the way front ends are coded right? do you know which dapps today dont use react and instead SolidJS?

I like this idea… The “use-wallet by txn lab” is only for react.js…

According to statista, the react usage is 40%, vue.js which I prefer is 16%, and solidjs is 1%.

10000 Algos is surly worth for financing this project.

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