xGov-130: Community Code Contribution Contest (C4)

id: 130
period: 3
title: Community Code Contribution Contest (C4)
author: SilentRhetoric (@SilentRhetoric)
discussions-to: xGov-130: Community Code Contribution Contest (C4)
company_name: N/A
category: Community
focus_area: Libraries
open_source: Yes
amount_requested: 44444
status: Final


The Community Code Contribution Contest (C4) will be an ARC-34-compliant community contest among developers in the Algorand ecosystem to contribute high-quality features and bug fixes to the core code libraries that make Algorand work. The contest will also generate recognition for winning developers on social media to bring attention to their efforts to make Algorand’s codebase better.


SilentRhetoric is passionate about building the Algorand open source code ecosystem.

Experience with Algorand

SilentRhetoric has been an active developer in the Algorand community since 2021 in various capacities:

  • Built the open source Bonfire app for burning ASAs per the ARC-54 standard (xGov-86).
  • Placed 2nd in the Build-A-Bull hackathon Interoperability category for building the Wormhole Connect + Algorand open source SDK module.
  • Built the open source Solid Algo Wallets Javascript library for integrating wallets into a web app (xGov-49).
  • Created the open source xGov Viewer app for reviewing xGov proposals and visualizing xGov voting data.
  • Place 3rd in the 2022 Encode x Algorand Hackathon for a prototype of the Alright agreements protocol.
  • Has run Algorand participation nodes since 2021.

Present Proposal

The Community Code Contribution Contest will bring developers from around the Algorand ecosystem together to compete for prizes and social media recognition by having code contributions submitted as Pull Requests (PR) merged into selected Algorand libraries. The eligible issues will be selected in partnership with Algorand Foundation and Algorand Technologies to ensure that they are a good fit for a community developer as well as their teams’ fast-paced work to deliver their roadmaps.

Prizes will be awarded in three categories:

  1. Low-hanging Fruit - Four prizes. Smaller work items that have particularly high value and limited interdependency on other areas of the codebase.
  2. Difficulty - Three prizes. More extensive and/or challenging tasks that may require creative solutions and/or managing interdependency with other components.
  3. People’s Choice - Three prizes. A poll will be held in the Algorand Discord to identify the top three eligible features and/or bug fixes that are important to builders’ ability to build apps.

All of the prize winners will have their work promoted in posts on social media channels including X, Reddit, and Discord. I will also try to have the ten winners recognized at Deciper on a best efforts basis in collaboration with Algorand Foundation.

The contest will be organized by me in public consultation with members of the Algorand Discord server and will ultimately be summarized by an article showcasing the results of the winner’s work.

Benefits for the community

Algorand now has a clear roadmap to decentralizing the network through P2P nodes and incentivizing people to participate in consensus, but it does not have a clear roadmap to decentralizing the ongoing development of the core protocol, SDKs, and other libraries that make Algorand work. C4 is intended to cause an explosion of participation by the community in writing code that helps improve and maintain the repositories on which the entire developer ecosystem depends.

Additional information

Specific rules and procedures for this community contest will be formulated together with Algorand Foundation and Algorand Technologies and announced within one month of the proposal passing. The target repositories for this content will likely be go-algorand, go-algorand-sdk, py-algorand-sdk, and js-algorand-sdk, pending agreement from Algorand Technologies and Algorand Foundation. To be eligible for the contest, no work started prior to the kickoff announcement will be eligible. Additional terms may apply and will be communicated in due course in the Algorand Discord server. All code contributions will be open source under the license of the repository to which the code was merged. All funds will go directly to prizes for the winning developers whose eligible PRs are merged successfully as determined by Algorand Foundation and Algorand Technologies. Exactly zero (0) Algos of the grant will go to me.


That’s awesome. Would you be able to increase the amount requested to pay for the devs to get them in one place at the same time to celebrate the results? A nice Dubai party maybe etc.?


Proposal updated with more specifics about the selection of eligible issues in partnership with AF & AT.

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I like this idea, a lot. I presume this would work like Fisherman’s “retroactive grants” idea, where selection/awards are made based on work provided?

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Yes, these would be retroactive for the individual contributors. I am basically offering to administrate such a program for free (0 Algos to me) because of how important I think it is to incentivize more people to help work on the core repos of Algorand.

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