xGov-168: Pact.fi Marketing Initiatives

id: 168
period: 3
title: Pact.fi Marketing Initiatives
author: Michael Cotton, AJ Milne, Mateusz Tomczyk (@tulustul)
discussions-to: xGov-168: Pact.fi Marketing Initiatives by tulustul · Pull Request #168 · algorandfoundation/xGov · GitHub
company_name: Pact
category: dApps
focus_area: Dex
open_source: No
amount_requested: 130000
status: Final


This proposal focuses on securing funding for a marketing professional and marketing campaigns for Pact, a user-friendly Algorand dApp designed for mobile-first trading experiences. The funds will be allocated to enhance the visibility, accessibility, and adoption of Pact by implementing targeted marketing strategies for a 3 month period.


Łukasz Ptak: Blockchain developer
Mateusz Walczak: Blockchain developer
Mateusz Tomczyk: Tech lead
Patryk Grzyb: Frontend dev

Michael Cotton
AJ Milne

Experience with Algorand

Pact has emerged as one of the most user-friendly Algorand dApps, offering deep liquidity and low transaction fees. Leveraging Algorand’s speed and scalability, Pact provides accessible smart contract functionality, making transactions available to users of all levels of wealth and experience.

Present Proposal

This proposal seeks funding of 130,000 ALGOs to support the marketing efforts for Pact over the next quarter. The allocated funds will be used to hire a dedicated marketing professional and execute targeted campaigns to enhance Pact’s visibility, user base, and overall adoption within the Algorand ecosystem.

Marketing Professional Salary:

Hire a seasoned marketing professional with experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency to lead and execute marketing campaigns. The professional will oversee the development and implementation of effective marketing strategies to promote Pact.

Online Presence Enhancement:

Allocate funds for improving Pact’s online presence through website optimisation and social media management. This includes creating engaging content and maintaining active communication channels.

Community Engagement Campaigns:

Implement community engagement initiatives to foster a sense of belonging among Pact users. This may include organising online events, competitions, and interactive activities to encourage user participation and advocacy.

Partnership Collaborations:

Allocate resources for establishing partnerships with relevant influencers, communities, and organisations within the Algorand ecosystem to broaden the reach of Pact.

Analytics and Reporting:

Invest in analytics tools to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, user engagement, and overall performance. Reports will be generated to assess the impact of the marketing initiatives.

Benefits for the community

Increased Awareness:

Boosting visibility will attract new users to the Pact platform, enhancing the Algorand community’s awareness of this mobile-first trading solution.

User Onboarding:

A dedicated marketing professional will streamline user onboarding processes, ensuring that users of all experience levels can easily access and benefit from Pact’s features.

Community Growth:

Community engagement campaigns and partnerships will contribute to the growth of the Algorand ecosystem by fostering a vibrant and active user community around Pact.

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