xGov-194-Gunny Rush new features and improvements

title: Gunny Rush new features and improvements
author: Aquiles Benitez aquiles@gunnygames.com, Sebastian Moncada sebastian@gunnygames.com
email: aquiles@gunnygames.com
company_name: Gunny Games
category: Other
focus_area: Gaming
open_source: No
funding_type: Proactive
amount_requested: 120000
delivery_date: 2024-08-03


Gunny Games Studios is a free-to-play game developer on the Algorand network, with two active games that have been very successful. The presence of games and development experts on the Algorand network benefits the ecosystem by attracting new users to the network and providing a fun environment for them to learn about the benefits of the network. Also, in face-to-face events, Gunny has been a great tool to activate new wallets, as its attractiveness drives people to come to Gunny to activate them and play our video games.
This proposal aims to improve the user experience of the popular mobile game “Gunny Rush” by adding several new features and functionalities.
Our mobile video game Gunny Rush aims to be more than just a fun tool, we seek to create a community focused on real benefits and collaborate with other projects within the ecosystem, in order to help Algorand grow more and more every day.


  • Aquiles Benitez - :man_technologist:t4: Co-Founder and CEO at Gunny Games

    • A lifelong lover of video games, he met blockchain technology in 2021 and since then, thanks to his experience as a video game influencer, he decided to create his own team to connect the best of two worlds: gaming and Web 3.
  • Sebastian Moncada - :computer: CTO at Gunny Games

    • Senior software engineer with more than 5 years of experience in various industries, applying his knowledge for process improvement, optimization and automation. focused on backend and data orchestration.
      More recently he has been engaged with the Algorand community and learning everything possible to develop efficient solutions using this technology.
  • Tony Chacin - :space_invader: Unity Development Leader

  • Sergio Mejía - :joystick: Unity Developer

  • Norberto Aguilera - :robot: 3D Generalist

  • Misael Soberanis - :alien: Game Artist

  • Cesar - :sparkles: Illustrator and designer

Experience with Algorand

Gunny Games has been working with Algorand since 2022 when we were selected to participate in Algorand Miami accelerator and awarded as one of the top performing startups, in addition, we have had the privilege of participating alongside Algorand in prominent events such as the Blockchain Summit Latam in Bogota, Colombia and Labitconf in Buenos Aires, Argentina both in 2023, where we presented our booth. This track record demonstrates our solid experience and commitment in the Algorand ecosystem.

Throughout this time we have continuously delivered value to users, as we have always contributed to strengthen the community, attract new users to the Algorand network and despite starting with a low budget we have managed to create 2 functional games that attracted the interest not only of people with experience in Web3 but also of people totally new to the ecosystem who were attracted by the games.

Present Proposal
Basically what we propose is to make gradual improvements that enrich the experience of the game but at the same time deliver value to the community, with Gunny Rush what we are looking for is that people can play during their free time and at the same time get rewards, but beyond that what we want is to create a community that serves as a platform for new releases of tokens or to distribute tokens in a more equitable way, by this we are referring to the fact that airdrops as we know them today consist of giving out a bunch of tokens in a “semi random” way, just by putting your wallet in a comment or by fulfilling a series of steps in a social network, but thanks to Gunny Rush the people who play more will get more tokens which shows their commitment to that project and this way they are more likely to keep their tokens instead of just receiving them in the airdrop and going to exchange them.

The specific improvements we will make with the support of the community are based on the feedback and requests we have had so far and are shown below:

  • Visual improvements:
    • Create and add the 3D models of the other Inugis (running monster).
    • Create new animations to enrich the gameplay and Gunny’s story.
    • Improve compatibility with different screen sizes.
    • New maps
    • Easter eggs
  • Functional improvements:
    • Creation of a fully blockchain based leaderboard.
    • Weekly tournaments with special prizes.
    • Improvements in our reward distribution system.
      Creation of our utility token

Constant updates of the application, both for Android and iOS where functions, experience, mechanics, animations and other features of the game will be gradually improved.

in the “delivery date” we put “2024-08-03” because an exact date must be assigned, BUT the deliveries would be gradual in the form of app updates and we estimate 2 months from the end of the xGov 4 voting (2024-06-03) where we will know if we were elected.

Future Blueprint
We at Gunny Games have great plans and great ideas for the future but the most important thing for us is the community, that’s why we will align our direction according to what the community wants or needs, but in the future we want to keep improving both Gunny Rush and Gunny shooter.

Benefits for the community
1. Enhanced gaming experience: Improved visuals and game mechanics translate into a better experience, which makes people more likely to enjoy playing Gunny Rush for fun and rewards.

2. Expanded Access and Adoption: with the support of the community we will be able to improve the compatibility on different devices, to have a much more pleasant gaming experience

3. Active participation and transaction generation: Weekly competitive tournaments will not only promote active participation from the player community, but will also generate high levels of transactions on the Algorand network (TPS). This will help to showcase the security and robustness of the network, while also making it more recognized for its innovative technology and stand out for its ability to handle so many TPS, which is not possible in most blockchains.

4. Activation of new wallets: Gunny’s presence at in-person events will enable the activation of new Algorand wallets, both virtually and physically. This will not only increase adoption of the network, but also promote awareness and understanding of Algorand among a wider audience.

5. Incentives and rewards: The creation and management of the Gunny ecosystem token will provide reward opportunities for both players and active participants in the Algorand network, thus incentivizing engagement and participation in both aspects.

6. Promotion and Outreach: The generation of new multimedia content in the form of 3D short films will not only provide additional entertainment for the community, but will also serve as an effective tool to promote both Gunny and the Algorand network to a wider audience.

Additional information
You’re welcome to contact us with any questions you may have. We’ll be keeping an eye on the forum and social media platforms to ensure we address all inquiries as quickly as possible.
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