xGov-20 Building the Future of Competitive Gaming Grant Proposal for Our Free-to-Play Blockchain Game

Author Aquiles benitez (@aquilesdel90)

Category Community

Focus Area Gaming Metaverse Monitoring NFT

Open-Source No

ALGO Requested 1562000

Develop a third-person shooter game that captivates the gaming community with a captivating story, impressive graphics, and enjoyable gameplay.
Our goal is to provide an immersive gaming experience where users can also learn to utilize blockchain technology, as the game is accessible to everyone for free.
Through real-time competitive tournaments, we aim to foster competitiveness and encourage active community participation within the game.

Link for details

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Changes have been made to the proposal based on the feedback from the community of governors. In this revised proposal, the project scope has been reduced, and the roadmap and fund allocation have been clarified. Additionally, the cost of the first milestone has been decreased with the support of AF.
it would be a pleasure to get your feedback
Benitez Aquiles CEO - Gunny games studios


It’s great to see the full roadmap laid out until Oct 2024. However, the scope is big and a lot can change over that time period. I would recommend splitting this proposal up. What can be delivered over the next quarter? Based on the proposed roadmap, the first 2 milestones fall within the next quarter. I would recommend revising the amount requested to fund the first 2 milestones. As the old saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. Then you will have something concrete to showcase to the gaming community and get back more valuable concrete feedback. The feedback received after each milestone will likely impact your roadmap and may guide the project in a different direction.

I know that the grant is paid out in $ALGO. However, I would like to see projects provide an amount in $USD to better gauge the project costs.


Thank you for your feedback. I understand your interest in reducing the stages of the Gunny project, but I would like to explain why it is not efficient to do so. Creating a video game is a dynamic and complex process that involves a wide variety of professionals. For this reason, it is challenging to divide it into just a few stages.

In the case of Gunny, we require full-stack programmers, blockchain programmers, and Unity programmers, who depend on the work of illustrators, 3D modelers, texture artists, and 3D animators. Each of these professionals is a vital piece in the game development puzzle, and their tasks are closely interconnected.

Although we have established milestones to present the proposal, in reality, the work is carried out continuously and through constant collaboration. Each professional relies on the work of others to progress in their tasks. Therefore, reducing the project to fewer stages would not be efficient and would not adequately reflect the complexity of the development process.

While I understand your desire to simplify the project, drastically reducing the stages would affect efficiency and workflow. However, I am willing to discuss and adjust the approach if necessary. Regarding the value in dollars, there is no problem in using that currency if you prefer it.

In the following Gantt diagram, you can see how, from the beginning of the first milestone, we are already progressing towards the next stage. This approach allows us not only to meet the established deadlines but also to maximize efficiency in terms of cost and benefit during game development.

Furthermore, I would like to emphasize that, to ensure your satisfaction and safety, we are willing to offer additional deliverables beyond the initially announced ones. For example, we can provide illustrations, 3D models, designs, and other elements even before they are implemented in the final version of the game.

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Adri can modify the project cost since we have minimized the scope based on the feedback from the Governors to 833,000 Algos. Thank you!



  1. Update the project plan to align with the milestones
    • Is this the entire project plan? According to the project plan, the completion date is 2023-11. However, in the proposal, the completion date for Milestone 5 is 2024-10.
    • What is “Date Base”? Do you mean “Database”?
  2. Specify project costs in USD. ALGO price is too volatile.
  3. Reorganize google drive
    • Restructure into sub-folders. Create a folder for each milestone.
    • Provide a document explaining the contents of the google drive
    • Upload project plan to Google Drive


  • I have no experience in game development. It would be helpful if we could get game developers from the community to review the project plan and provide feedback.
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I think if the game balance is done right (which is a big if!), this could be something worth approving. I would agree with @oysterpack that the scope of milestones reaches out a bit far and that it would be much easier to approve if the milestones were split up over their corresponding quarters. Either way, I would like to see more YT videos of gameplay and tutorials so that we can see how far along development is and get an idea of how well this lines up with the given milestones. I’m excited to see what this project can bring!

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Any other apps or games you have created in the past which we can take a look and trying playing?


i dont see this being a good fit for a xGov grant sadly. developing games that are enjoyable is already hard enough but since you want it to be a competitive game i cant see how we can make sure you are able to achieve this…

most blockchain games i saw were trying too much to incorporate blockchain but werent really a good game, so i cant support it at this date

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That is the point “most blockchain games” were not creating a Game they were trying to make money by creating a token and speculating on it. But in this case Gunny is not speculating about a token they are creating a good game which incorporates the Algorand blockchain benefits.