xGov-20 Building the Future of Competitive Gaming Grant Proposal for Our Free-to-Play Blockchain Game

Author Aquiles benitez (@aquilesdel90)

Category Community

Focus Area Gaming Metaverse Monitoring NFT

Open-Source No

ALGO Requested 1562000

Develop a third-person shooter game that captivates the gaming community with a captivating story, impressive graphics, and enjoyable gameplay.
Our goal is to provide an immersive gaming experience where users can also learn to utilize blockchain technology, as the game is accessible to everyone for free.
Through real-time competitive tournaments, we aim to foster competitiveness and encourage active community participation within the game.

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Changes have been made to the proposal based on the feedback from the community of governors. In this revised proposal, the project scope has been reduced, and the roadmap and fund allocation have been clarified. Additionally, the cost of the first milestone has been decreased with the support of AF.
it would be a pleasure to get your feedback
Benitez Aquiles CEO - Gunny games studios


It’s great to see the full roadmap laid out until Oct 2024. However, the scope is big and a lot can change over that time period. I would recommend splitting this proposal up. What can be delivered over the next quarter? Based on the proposed roadmap, the first 2 milestones fall within the next quarter. I would recommend revising the amount requested to fund the first 2 milestones. As the old saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. Then you will have something concrete to showcase to the gaming community and get back more valuable concrete feedback. The feedback received after each milestone will likely impact your roadmap and may guide the project in a different direction.

I know that the grant is paid out in $ALGO. However, I would like to see projects provide an amount in $USD to better gauge the project costs.