xGov#199 - AWallet - Retroactive

Please comment on AWallet retroactive grant:

AWallet has these features:

  • Since 2021 supports native algorand multisig accounts
  • Supports shamir backup of algorand accounts
  • Person can make his account online using the public algorand infrastructure
  • Payment scheduler
  • Multiaccount operations - generate many algorand accounts, send to multiple accounts, send from multiple accounts, …
  • SWAP - Person can use different DEX aggregators quotes and exucute at better price
  • ARC14 support - Authorization
  • ARC26 support - QR Payments
  • ARC76 support - Email & Password accounts
  • ARC200 Payments - Smart contract tokens
  • Payment gateway
  • Was first wallet to support wallet connect 2
  • Account types - Wallet connect account, Ledger account, 2FA Auth account, Vanity account, …
  • Create ASA support
  • Algod/indexer configurable endpoints by user, and is usable also on sandbox
  • Wallet backup
  • 10 languages and new will be comming
  • AWallet is open source from the start
  • Public docker image

Check it out at www.a-wallet.net or source code at GitHub - scholtz/wallet: Open source algorand wallet and algorand web tools - governors tools, payment gateway, ..

When will Ludo products be marketed?

Hi @scholtz you had two other grants totalling 70,000 Algo for AWallet development: xGov-9 and xGov-90.

Would you mind elaborating on this request a bit, for example you listed the payment scheduler on the post above, but that was funded through xGov-90?



Hi Adri, thanks for question.

the xgov-9 was proactive grant to establist the two factor authentication, redisign, and collecting new feedback.

the xgov-90 was proactive grant regarding the scheduled payment.

the xgov-199 is retroactive grant for work done from 2021 to 2023.

is it ok like this?

Ok, got it. Perhaps modify to list the work done from 2021 to 2023 (with the repo links).
Then, specify the work that has already been funded by proactive proposals and how much.
Might also be helpful to provide usage stats for AWallet, so people can best evaluate its impact on the ecosystem.

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i have added this sections xGov#199 - AWallet - Retroactive by scholtz · Pull Request #199 · algorandfoundation/xGov · GitHub

is it ok like this?

There’s some formatting required, but it looks clearer to me.

hi, the formatting has been fixed, thx

Retroactive funding is supposed to go to projects that have contributed to Algo community significantly and irrefutably.
To teams with impeccable integrity and reputation.
To products that are widely implemented and used.

Awallet and its team does not meat these criteria, and hence should abstain from applying.

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The voting session is already on. The objective of the discussion is not whether or not a proposal should be put forth for voting, but whether a proposal can be improved and community questions clarified before the proposal is put to vote.
The community then votes for it or not.

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With that said, I do agree that we need better rules around what qualifies as retroactive funding and we can make that part of the voting session 4 retro.


yes, you must forgive me, it’s still very confusing to me to navigate between broken up conversations between GitHub, here, Discord…
I’m getting the hang of it soon!!

Totally agree. Nothing from Ludo helps Algorand. He has used xGov as a way to sit home and milk rewards.

Market your products get users and this could be a different conversation