xGov-22 Reduce unemployment with NFT Skills Certification

Author Diki karim @dikikarim2010

Category dApps

Focus Education, NFT, Social

Open-Source Yes

ALGO Requested 1000000

Abstract In this proposal I give an example of unemployment in Indonesia.

I live in an environment where education is a luxury item, not even a few of them end up dropping out of school, hidden talents are like black pearls. I also often see those who have expertise being colonized by the company, to work hard even though the grade is given the lowest, those without a diploma even work harder than those who already have a diploma, because for them proof is not a piece of paper, but a dedication. a reason why they should be accepted.

The unemployment rate in Indonesia is 59th out of 100 countries according to the IMF or 5.45% in February 2023 according to BPS. Unemployment occurs because the growth in the labor force is higher than the growth in existing jobs.

Okay, now let’s look at the year before the existence of an online motorcycle taxi platform, let’s take the example of online motorcycle taxis because the social impact is very high, it is predicted to reduce unemployment, and indeed in 2014 the unemployment rate according to BPS was 5.94%, then in 2016 and In 2019 the average was 5.34%, had increased again during the pandemic to 5.83% then now in 2013 it has fallen again to 5.45% meaning there is recovery again.

Apart from the pandemic, several platforms that affect the level of social or social impact, such as online motorcycle taxis, are able to reduce the unemployment rate, meaning that this platform which is massive & easy to implement by various groups is quite right on target.

Link for details

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While it is a compelling story and very relevant, the only things clear currently about this proposal are the amount requested and the fact that it involves NFTs representing skill certifications. I like this general idea, but for 1M ALGO I’m going to need to see more than this.


I can’t see how you need 1MM algo to teach NFT skills to people. While admirable in concept, doesn’t seem this is a good use of funds for now.

@timlevin.algo i think its more about having NFTs that serve as a way to show what skills you have. makes sense because they were talking about how a diploma makes stuff easier for people

as @averagezen said there is a lot missing from this proposal so it cant be really evaluated

and while I would love to make life easier for people in indonesia i dont see how sth like this could be build and employers accepting it. it seems like this is a problem the local government would need to tackle sadly

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Spot on point about acceptance. It’s one thing to develop the system, quite another to have a bureaucracy adopt it!

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this is not training NFT making skills, but making NFTs as a certificate of one’s skills

actually this proposal is not final, because from this idea another idea emerged to solve the main idea problem, one of which is a policy that must be established by the local government to create a database of educational product content that can be accessed by companies in the education sector, because it seems that the content of educational products that Legal becomes a main trigger.

Of course, this is not just a process of learning from educational product content to get a certificate in the form of NFT, but also an activity where people can find people who are experts in their fields and are certified.

hi everyone! mud here from zabava labs! i am chatting with Diki on this on how we can refine this idea further on a separate proposal with Zabava. We have done a few webinars and educational partnerships with top local universities in Indonesia from ISI Surakarta, ITB, Esa Unggul, Universitas Sebelas Maret and Nusa Putra University. Additionally, we are working close with goverment ministries to extend these to the broader Indonesian audience. We will have the proposal up after coinfest bali! In the meantime, feel free to chat with me md_argv on telegram or join our socials to discuss more! zabavalabs.com