xGov-41 MINTHOL.ART, the next-generation loyalty program and coupon platform

Author Bertalan Miklos (@solkimicreb)

Category Tools

Focus NFT

Open-Source No

ALGO Requested 120000


MINTHOL leverages blockchain technology to decouple businesses from their loyalty programs. Businesses may sign up as perk providers and leave the rest to coupon managers who create thematic coupon collections with various hand-picked perks. MINTHOL seamlessly handles the negotiation and monetization between these two parties.

Coupons follow NFT standards to connect the current NFT scene with web3, web2, and real-world businesses. NFT creators may add benefits to their collections via perk subscriptions.

End users can discover, own, and trade thematic, multi-business coupons. They may browse their coupons and verify their ownership with a QR code. Businesses scan these QR codes to instantly apply the necessary discounts.

A range of customizable coupon options caters to every use case - like tradeable, user-bound, one-off, limited-use, reusable, time-restricted, or subscription-based coupons.

Link for details

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first of all thanks for all the great work you already did, they always worked really well! the proposal is kinda hard to read as you put a lot of information in it and also a lot stuff that you build but dont request funds. i know it makes sense to showcase how #5 will fit into everything but makes it definitely harder to find what you are actually requesting money for

in the following i will only talk about “#5 Physical Perks” as this is the one that you request ALGOs for:

love the idea of connecting the physical world with the blockchain, definitely need more of that! i have some questions (some might be answered in the proposal but again hard to find all the informations sorry):

  1. is it a purely custodial solution? where do the ALGOs come from for the minimum balance for example?
  2. how would people pay for the coupons? is it part of minthol or would the shops just send over the NFT after the customer paid in the shop location?
  3. the customer would show a QR code that the shop can scan and see if they may get a discount for example?
  4. do you know of any other projects trying something similar?
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Hi! Sorry I forgot to follow up on this forum. Soo the answers:

  1. It’s a mix of custodial and non-custodial. People can sign in with their wallet or with the usual web2 ways (google, apple, magic link, etc). They can also mix custodial and none custodial wallets and claim their custodial wallets at any time by either exporting the mnemonic (not recommended) or closing their custodial account into their new non-custodial account. I plan to tap into this system for cross-chain purchases too. You buy an xrp nft and pay with algo from your algo wallet, the nft is sent into a new xrp custodial wallet which you can claim any time. A user may have any number and mix of custodial and non-custodial wallets from all the supported chains.

  2. The platform will have a huge range of primary sale options. In a few weeks shuffle, whitelist, and swapper (nft amm) support will launch as a start.

  3. Yes.

  4. I know a lot of coupon platforms. I even know platforms that are working on the blockchain twist. I don’t know any which tries to “migrate current nfts into coupons”.

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I forgot to answer this one. I will integrate with some of the established providers for this (like moonpay). I have two options: I either let web2 users with custodial wallets “top-up” via credit card payments and spend their algo (or USDCa) or I do live conversions from credit cards directly at purchases. I am currently leaning towards option 1, it’s a hard to swallow pill but it onboards people to the blockchain earlier which is beneficial. Either way the credit card payment / top-up will include amounts to support the technical algo reqs (like 0.1 algo per asset).

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