xGov-6 Transaction Builder UI

Author @No-Cash-7970

Category Tools

Focus Area User Onboarding

Open-Source Yes

ALGO Requested 1

The “Transaction Builder UI” (name not final) will be an online tool that provides an easy and user-friendly way to create just about any transaction on Algorand. Creating and sending a transaction on Algorand without an existing tool for that particular type of transaction requires using the SDK or goal, which requires programming knowledge and/or a node setup. Just about every wallet makes simple payment transactions easy. However, many of the more advanced transactions are either difficult or impossible within the wallets’ UIs. Most wallets don’t allow most types of Algorand transactions for security and user experience reasons.

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Here’s a link to the latest human-friendly version of xGov-6: xGov/xgov-6.md at 79e6a3ae9bf03e93af88c4d69f1a269245828651 · algorandfoundation/xGov · GitHub


I like this idea - would be great to have some sort of pilot or sample we could try out?

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Since No-Cash was going to roll this out anyway, I will gladly approve this request for 1 ALGO (assuming it’s not already approved by the time I go to vote). For me, this is cost-to-benefit analysis. I may never use this tool, but if even a few Algofam do, then it will have been worth the investment. The project is open-source, and assuming on this (and any other dev-related proposals) front we have xGovs or other AF team members going through the code of any approved proposals to make sure everything looks on the up-and-up, I see no reason not to approve.