xGov-61 Chaintrail - Uncovering Algorand

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xGov Proposal 61 — Chaintrail — Uncovering Algorand

Amount requested: 50.000 ALGO
Original PR: xGov-61 / Chaintrail.io - Uncovering Algorand by ChainTrail · Pull Request #62 · algorandfoundation/xGov · GitHub


Chaintrail is a blockchain intelligence & insights platform solely focussed on uncovering Algorand in full. We help the Algorand community understand what happens on-chain (per block) and which projects are gaining real adoption.


Founded by Leander (@nfnomad). 15+ years of experience in building (mobile) apps and e-commerce platforms. ~9 years of it as tech-exec for 2 separate startups leading product & tech. One scaled towards 300+ employees (100 in tech & product). At the moment solely focussed on building chaintrail.


Experience with Algorand

Involved in Algorand blockchain since early 2021 (mostly as a user). Experimented with multiple Algorand SDK’s and build several test projects to test out the waters on how Algorand works.

Furthermore tracking lots of projects in the ecosystem. However, I missed a platform where it was all brought together and truly uncover the value that Algorand blockchain contains. Therefore decided to build Chaintrail in order to uncover such value.

Present Proposal

As the Algorand community on X knows is that I’m continously developing and uncovering new projects built on Algorand. In the last couple of months I’ve launched the following things on Chaintrail:

Dapp Leaderboard: See which dapps were commiting the most on-chain transactions in the past week(s).

NFT & RWA insights: Uncovered sales from TravelX and Fifa+ Collect plus several other NFT marketplaces.

TVL: Track TVL of multiple RWA’s and other projects that no other platform has uncovered. Think of Agrotoken, Anote Music, Exodus $EXIT common stock, etc…

DeFi: See which DeFi pools are yielding the best APR across multiple platforms.

API: Made it possible for external platforms to easily use data aggregated by chaintrail.

With the help of this grant, I’d be able to further accellerate the development on Chaintrail and get you many more insights on projects building on Algorand:

  • Opening up a new infrastructure section which covers the core information necessary to understand how Algorand is performing as a blockchain: # of txns per day / week, transactions over time, on-chain peak-traffic hours, active addresses, active developers, active nodes and much more.
  • Elevating dApp Coverage: We’re constantly enhancing the coverage, making sure Chaintrain continues to provide you the latest developments from both existing and emerging dApps built on Algorand.
  • Improve and add more extensive insights onto our NFT, TVL and Dapp section.
  • Launch our Stablecoin section (so it separates from the TVL) + making sure all stables are covered on-chain.
  • Unveiling New RWA Projects: Our TVL section is expanding, introducing even more cutting-edge RWA projects for you to explore.
  • Comprehensive Insights: We’re consolidating data from various sections to provide you with a holistic and insightful overview of the dapp landscape.

With your help through this grant, I can supercharge the commitment for Chaintrail, ensuring that exciting new features are brought to life faster than ever before. Join us in making a difference!

Did you know that Chaintrail is proudly supported by over 46 dedicated community members, each investing just $2.5 per month? And that number keeps growing every week! :rocket: Chaintrail is not profitable yet, but we have a plan to get there in the coming year(s).

Future Blueprint

As set out in the abstract. Chaintrail is set to uncover all the great things that are currenctly developed and driving real-world impact using Algorand at the foundation.

I started this project as I noticed a lack of insights of what was really driving on-chain impact and whether this was increasing or not. Given there were no such platforms out there, I decided to build one my own.

In the months/years to come, I’d like to ensure that Chaintrail can be used to understand any transaction that happens on-chain. Linking it back to certain projects and drilldown into such project to understand what progress they’ve made over time in terms of growth. This could help you make better investment decisions or simply get to see how certain categories are growing to potentially build something yourself.

With the Chaintrail API we plan to work together with other aggregators that currently don’t cover Algorand very well. For instance many multi-chain aggregators are listing the wrong NFT value and TVL value (missing the RWA picture).

Chaintrail is set to change that.

Benefits for the community

We’re the only blockchain insights project that’s focussed on one single blockchain: Algorand. This gives us the advantage that we can move a lot quicker and uncover data that hasn’t been uncovered before. We did this already with NFT sales from TravelX & Fifa+ Collect, but also Agrotoken, Exodus their EXIT shares, Anote Music and many more in the near future.

Plus our Dapps Activity (which is the fundament of Chaintrail) shows many insights to any Algorand follower of what’s really driving on-chain traction/impact. Think of projects like: Hesab Pay, Fracctal Monsters, the weekly share of PlanetWatch and more.

This all benefits the community in terms of insights, knowing how Algorand is doing as an ecosystem. But also makes it easy to uncover new projects that you might not have seen before.

Additional information

We’re on a mission to uncover the entire Algorand ecosystem for you. But we need your help! The grant we’re seeking is a push in the right direction. The funding will be used to fund our new features, enhance our coverage and support on our infrastructure growth costs.

As the Algorand blockchain evolves, we’re committed to providing you with a high-performing platform. That’s why we’re planning to submit xGov proposals every quarter, taking small but meaningful steps towards our vision.

We published our current revenue stream (the amount of memberships sold) here: https://chaintrail.io/revenue. This will remain our long-term focus to ensure we built a healthy project that can sustain itself in the future. More on this can be read in our blog post: Publishing our revenue. I’m always pretty intrigued in… | by ChainTrail - Uncovering Algorand | Medium