xGov Proposal -150 - Cross-Chain community promotion and collaberation

Please see the above link to our xGov proposal for your consideration.

tiny problem here… request amount is just too small! :joy::moneybag:
As long as you’re asking, why not go for a cool million?

very constructive feedback… @leaf /s

We’ve worked with the ambassadors in the past and they are a group of very competent and well-connected/active individuals in algo ecosystem. Their proposal is at current algo price worth 2.7k usd. I would argue that if they do a single cross-chain collab that has potential for bigger impact than many of the happy hours sponsored by AF that probably cost way more.

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I think the ask needs to take into account the benefits. Many people who regularly use other chains have little or no experience with Algorand. We all know the ease of use and low cost of algo are massive selling points. When people experience these they will want to see what else Algorand has to offer and the effect will be multiplied. We have already worked with multiple projects across algo and have had great successes. Currently we have been participating in a cross chain group for several months now and this grant will let us take this to the next level as well as pursue other avenues and collaborations. Hope that helps explain the ask a little.

“We are a group of ambassadors who have been running cross project collaberations on algorand for over a year.
We Have partnered with several well known algorand projects to produce giveaways, NFT collabs, twitter spaces, discord games and twitch streams.
We Propose to use this grant to continue with this work across multiple blockchains including Solana, Ethereum, Polygon and more.”

What have you done before as far as partnerships, twitter spaces and giveaways? Also what results did you get based on this strategy?

Like the idea but many broad statements without context. This would help others know what worked and didn’t who wanted to do crosschain promotions.


tbh just for showing up, do whatever.
Ive been off the hopium so it’s just not that exciting for me rn.

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@Richflairstv thank you for the questions.

Some Algo projects we have collaborated with are: Cosmic Champs, MNGO, Tinyhorse and Tiger Chi among others.

Some highlights of our collabs so far are a dream quest brokered with MNGO which has over 300 participants per week, twitch streams with around 100 viewers at peak and currently we have a weekly cross chain poker tournament which attracts between 100-300 players every week. This includes projects on Eth, Polgon and Sol which would be our initial targeted blockchains.

This is all on top of smaller giveaways and collabs we have ran and all on a smaller scale budget. We believe that with this grant we could attract more interest and ultimately grow the Algorand user base for the ecosystem as a whole.


@leaf we will continue to do our best no matter what. I hope you can support us and can regain the excitement for Algorand that we have never lost.


Whats your twitch channel?

Currently, the proposal lacks clarity and direction, as it fails to provide a well-defined roadmap or clear outcomes for the project. Without a detailed plan, it is challenging to understand the intended milestones, deliverables, and expected impact. A more comprehensive and structured approach is necessary to provide a clear path towards achieving the desired outcomes of the proposal IMO.

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I agree that there should be milestones put and a more structured understanding of how and what will be attained.

Can you edit your post to include all the proposal info here? The idea of this forum is helping people who are not familiar with github to evaluate your proposal.

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Took a screenshot for you :joy:

It would be in the commit section on github.


Who are these “ambassadors”? I would like a listing of each of their respective social accounts where this online ambassadorship supposedly takes place. This is the absolute bare minimum for this to even remotely be considered seriously (there are, of course, other problems with it that I will address elsewhere). If this cannot be provided, then this is really just throwing money to anonymous people with a promise of “trust me bro, we are super connected and will totally deliver.”

  1. Please provide the social media channels of all 5 team members so we can evaluate whether in fact these “ambassadors” have the connections/reach as claimed and whether this would be a reasonable spend.

  2. Please explain what specific use the funds would go to and why the funds are needed. Hand-wavy statements that this is for “activities” and “collaborations” give zero details, and things like streams do not require an expenditure money. So, what it really sounds like is that you want payment for hyping/promoting Algo. If that’s the case, then just say it (though, I must wonder, if you have been in the Algorand ecosystem since launch, why do you need to be paid money to promote your own bags). If it is going to fund hard costs of something, then it needs detail as to what exactly it would be spent on.

  3. What objective metrics and/or baselines of success/completion are there? Presently, it sounds like there are none besides vague commitments to collaboration.


Please EDIT your ORIGINAL post to include your whole proposal (not screenshots).This is a part of the current proposal process.

This proposal could be improved by setting up a roadmap of steps you will take. Some kind of actionable plan with deadlines. This is just a trust me bro proposal.

id: 150
period: 3
title: Cross Chain Community Collaboration
author: Linnen (@ambassador-linnen)
discussions-to: https://twitter.com/ambassadorsalgo
company_name: ambassadors.algo
category: Community
focus_area: Social
open_source: No
amount_requested: 15000
status: Final


We are a group of ambassadors who have been running cross project collaberations on algorand for over a year.
We Have partnered with several well known algorand projects to produce giveaways, NFT collabs, twitter spaces, discord games and twitch streams.
We Propose to use this grant to continue with this work across multiple blockchains including Solana, Ethereum, Polygon and more.
This wil help us to onboard new users to algorand who are already in the web3 space. We expect they will continue to participate
in the ecosystem beyond our involvment once they realise the smooth user experience of Algorand as well as the speed and cost of transaction.
This wil benefit the whole ecosystem.


We are a group of 5 who have been participating in the algorand eccosystem since launch. Over the last years we have successfully taken on several collaberatin projects
and have recently ran a weekly cross chain poker event. This, we feel is the tip of the iceberg for what we can do.

Experience with Algorand

Extensive use and experience of the Algorand eccosystem as wll as social media and previous collaberations.

Present Proposal

We plan to use this grant to step up our cross chain activities to onboard new users to the eccosystem.
This could include social media collaberations, streams, community incentives and NFT collaberations.

Future Blueprint

This is a one off proposal but we may look to extend this in future.

Benefits for the community

We strongly believe the entire community will benefit from this as we have already seen how collaberations across communitites
can onboard new users and grow the user base of the eccosystem

Additional information



Second this!

Would love to see past cross chain collaborations, data, and campaigns executed that have led to onboarding + activity on Algorand.

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Apologies for the delay, it’s been a busy few days. I have provided the ambassadors X handle in the proposal which is where most of our activities are announced. As you can see from there it’s been active for some time and I feel shows we are all committed to what we do. We have worked with many projects across Algorand who we would like to continue working with going forward. All of what we do and organise is conducted in our own time and I can say this proposal is to find activity only and zero algo will be used for personal funds. To show complete transparency we will be using a seperate wallet and this will be publicly available for scrutiny should anyone desire.

  1. The x account is in the proposal. You can see this has been active for a long time.

  2. As I said in my other reply the funds will be in a separate wallet and never used for personal funds. This will all be visible on n the blockchain.

Nothing is free, I think we can agree on this. Streams can be conducted for free in terms of no payment required by us to do but usually some form of funding is required. Previous streams we have funded to have giveaways etc to entice viewership. This has been matched by guests as well as streams which have been sponsored before, eg by Algogems.

  1. What would you like to see? We can provide data on any activities completed with these funds. Historical data is hard to provide more than I have in other replies as we started doing this for fun in our spare time and didn’t collect data as such. Possibly an error on our part but we have been learning lessons since day 1. Ultimately the goal is to spread the word on algo and its ecosystem to bring more users to all projects.

Well. I’m not going to sugar coat this. First, that Twitter account has hardly any reach. I don’t think this would be a good spend based on that fact alone.

Second, it seems to almost exclusively promote Cosmic Champs, largely just retweeting whatever CC puts out. With zero real controls on how the money is spent or what projects get promoted, I have a serious concern that this would be less of a “promoting Algo” thing and more of a “promoting Cosmic Champs” thing.

My opinion is that we all have a vested interest in promoting Algo and should be doing it as we can on our own accord. There may be occasions when compensation is okay for community members’ efforts at promotion, but I tend to think it should be rare. It should be limited to creators with a track record of putting out content of a consistently high level, with high reach, and involving a very wide base of projects. It also should be tied to specific goals so we can tell if what was promised was actually delivered.