xGov Proposal process for session 4

When do proposals open up again?

it’s open :slight_smile: you can submit

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Thanks Stephane, you rock!

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I like this funding focus. I think public goods are one of the main draws of the Algorand ecosystem. I also think funding public goods adds the most value to the ecosystem as a whole.


@scholtz I bet you his right, i will take it even 1 step further even less than 100k My opinion and dont take it too heart, ill give you my reasons why i believe We shouldn’t be paying what ever someone just asks for, which is for a job someone that most of the time no one knows anything about or how long it will take to really implement and is it even followed up to check if its all working as it should etc… are supposed to just take the proposals guys word on Just for an example - Imagine a proposal shows up asking for 150k to implement Dcent hard wallet into Pera , keep in mind D’cent has already integrated Algo into there wallet, they even have features such as token creation and more!!! D’CENT Wallet Enhances User Experience with Algorand Integration | by D’CENT Wallet | D’CENT Wallet | Medium
and i think dapps not so sure. Why am i mentioning this ? because its now even easier for Pera to integrate. Now You tell me is it really worth 150k just to implement Dcent hardwallet similar to what ledger is doing on pera. Just to hold the Pera Keys and sign Txs & contracts etc…

I havent really looked into ledger but i am hoping the entire purpose of the ledger integration is so that the HOT wallet pera is not also holding your KEYS on your networked phone , yes the key to your algo fortune! the equivalent would be like holding a real diamond chain with your SAFES KEY and the directions to the location of the actual safe embedded on the penduline … you get the point. So this is the same thing with D’cent

How many Algo we need for this have you noticed its always a nice round number, its because its all made up they dont even believe its worth that amount half the time i bet, like seriously what on earth are we talking about here . Fair enough if we a contracting people with no affiliation with algo not even part of the FAM or holding any of it , example we call an IT company and ask them to create a website which pulls API data from the algo ecosystem once the hard part is done the beginning of it and the linking of the APIs and making sure all the right data is projected . First let me ask you So you think charging 60k a month is worth it.

Man not even a ecommerce shop which we have parts of it incorporated with AI cost even a fraction of that… Everything after inception should pretty much be in autopilot the exceptions being the bug fixes and upgrades I recon by simply adding your donate info people will automatically throw you a beer more than you think… apparently algo-explorer was asking for 60k monthly thats why they are no longer here. Thats a joke to be honest, if every dev just keeps relying on AF to fund everything then we are doomed to failure.

**AND YES to the funds given after the job is done, but just so both parties are happy the funds are sitting in a public smart contract - ESCROW - We give them a time range that the job needs to be done by and if they need an extension to just give a reason and how long and the contract can either be edited or whatever it maybe, we also need people to audit it , test etc… otherwise anyone can claim anything and just run off into the sunset with the money and trade it for solana

Why dont we add more of the AF funds in staking rewards. … DING DING DING… Why? ill explain below but back to giving the power to the dev proposing say he just randomly picks a number ummmm 90 hrs its going to take and he knows very well it most likely can be done in 2 days and when i say 2 days i dont mean 48hrs i mean 8hr work days 2 days = 16 hrs heck lets give them a week 37hrs but the time it must be done byu is within 2 months … THIS IS ALL EXAMPLE im just putting another perspective into the mix which let me be real honest this is really just to do a Job ive seen people do for free in other communities, ETH, XRP, BTC fair enough if they are a 1 man crew and the job is in fact quite technical and time consuming maybe some more funds will allow him to pay people not affiliated with algo but we must really look into every job carefully making sure we are not just throwing money away that can be spread throughout the community of people who stake algo soon this is going to be entrenched in the algo culture where no one gives a shit about algo progression all they want is a paycheck so they can dump it for $ or BTC or any other shit… Man there are HEAPS of devs in other communities working because they want the project to succeed as this will uplift everyone as they hold also it will also benefit them longterm.

Im curious in all the Algo funds that have been given out what projects actually gave benefits back to the community even to this day rather than just the dev . If i go back and count all the algo and projects i wonder what i will find.

1 Great example of what i seriously would call scammers When i heard Staci say they were charging the AF 60k a month just to run algoexplorer site if we claim we have so many devs in Algo meaning we have many dedicated to its success how on earth coudlnt we find someone to do this basically for free, Well they have found somone now but 60k MONTH this guy was having a laugh at the AF … Now are you starting to see when people start peeling back the layers there are things that just sound weird as fuk… If we are so decentralized why are we not spreading out the tokens far and wide if people see that algo has a good stake / return ratio i promise people will buy algo just for that and then from this they now have there foot in the door and can see how good algo is i promise you the majority will be long term hodlrs, let say we spread out the funds to all the stakers to be honest ill be staking 90% and then re-staking the profits for atleast the next few years I recon there would be many doing the same doing as much as they can before the big 2030, what does this mean? the less there is in the market this equals more supply and demand issue which usually followed by price hike .

LOL @ 60k a month just to maintain an already 80-95% automated site are we being serious now??

The real question is if AF has funds to burn WTF are we doing we can so easily implement a system where we lock away certain amount of algo and get a return of % the more we put the more we get back… Imagine now 90% of holders are staking and then ALGO ^^^^^^^^ Instead of 8 billion circulating imagine 3 billion in reality

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Man i keep hearing shit i just have to question i need to be sure i am in the right place.

i was not in the community back then, are we saying AF gave itself 10 million dollars and said we are going to do so and so " SO CALLED " project that didn’t come to fruition?

So 10 million vanished and the project never happened and no one is asking any questions ?. Does a bridge like that really require 10million USD to create? im wrong ay? please tell me im wrong that didnt happen

A project like LOFTY is something which i would call one of the biggest things on Algo but since it cost 0.1 Algo to create the entire Asset each person buying the token is not helping algorand only Lofty but algo overall its like a needle in a haystack i was told yesterday an asset and doesnt require no Algo to be locked away in return for the created tokens…OK ok 0.1algo to me thats as good as nothing. One could literally create quintillion tokens and start throwing them everywhere and pretend his santa clause about to unleash a project thats going to change the world 2017 all over again but on steroids and Algorand will come out looking even worse i recon. Honestly The fact that its so simple to create a token and doesnt cost anything 0.1 Algo is what i would call nothing .

In other words With 500 Algo or $130 USD I can create another earths economy Imagine a list of a 1000 diferrent currencies each with 1000 billion Mcap - Are we not just like another Fed printer if we need a new currency we can just magically create one in thin air for practically nothing and no recourse. someone please tell me I am wrong here and why no one has even mentioned this, tell me its because i miss understood what i was told.

for $100 there is no way i can create a 1000 different tokens each with a 1000 billion Mcap

SHITcoin token MarketCap = 1000000000000
DildosinYA token MarketCap = 1000000000000
You token MarketCap = 1000000000000
get token MarketCap = 1000000000000
the token MarketCap = 1000000000000
point token MarketCap = 1000000000000

And I still can create 994 different named tokens each with a 1000 billion tokens market cap… this has got to be one of the most weirdest ideas ive ever heard off, we already have cheap Tx and no gas fees and on top of this you still want to make it cheaper to create a quintillion shitcoins seems like we are poised to be the best project to run I.C.O scams… Please god tell me i got this all wrong otherwise 2030 doesnt seem that exiting anymore

Actually it al makes sense -SO apparantly SOLANA is the haven for meme coin scams- now i get it ----so we want to take the crown which means this is exactly the entire point i can just create anything … the funny thing is even scammers dont want to come and create meme scams on algorand we need a way to entice these scammers to come here lmao is that what we are aiming at doing is it- Here is a copy and paste i read from solana seems it must be the exact same thing there and what i predicted will happen is already happening there I just read, Directly from the article 19000 meme coins this week LOOOOOOOOOOL >>>>> " Anyone can create an online persona and disappear after conducting a successful memecoin scam. The same person can return the next day under a different pseudonym and a fresh memecoin. There were 19,000 new memecoins created this week. It seems unlikely they were all created by first-timers.

[DeFi] is largely pseudonymous and has limited regulation. This allows scammers to execute schemes without easily being identified or held accountable.

Big_Cat estimates that about 95% of the contracts on Solana are built by malicious actors."

How can anyone take solana seriously ? man i think crypto lost me at NFT & Defi im starting to see things that are mind boggling

So this is what we want with algorand… is that what is pushing the price up if so bring 39854234098756234805 meme coins lets go.

now i feel like an idiot the whole point is to create an asset out of thin air which doesnt cost anything and here I am thinking i was being smart now i feel like the fool in the room… so if i make USDa x 1000000000 how does anyone know they will be able to get it back in algo? if they start swapping there algo for it… and where does there algo go? in the USDa contract that i created? Whats stopping me from just taking the algo?