xGov Proposals should have minimum 2 milestones

Some community members would like to make sure the projects that get funded will adhere to the proposal that they place on behalf of xGovs.
To ensure this i propose the following:

  1. A proposal should have minimum 2 milestones
  2. The amount requested in 1st milestone should be less than 50% of total ask (all milestones put together for the project)

This will make sure that community gets time to review the project after 1st milestone and then decide to further fund the project or not. Gives confidence to community for approving bigger proposals as delivery is ensured.


This is a good idea. I support this.

I would even argue to increase the milestones based on the total algo requested. Could be like a tier type system.

1-10,000 algos - 2 milestones.
10,000 - 100,000 algos - 3 milestones
100,000 - 500,000 algos - 4 or 5 milestones.

etc. etc.

This will be a good way to keep track of all projects being funded.

@Adri - this point brought up by vidhyanand is much needed

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