A suggestion for a light-client wallet (like the BTC SPV wallet with Merkle tree)

We suggest that the team or volunteers create a light client wallet, because the data volume will explosively increase after the ASA is adapted, as a result more and more users will not run a full-data node.

A possible solution might be a SPV wallet, which is being used in BTC, based on Merkle tree. I do not know if there is a merkle tree included in the ALGO block header. If there is, we may refer to BTC wallet.

The advance of such a SPV wallet is that, the wallet owner can control their own private keys, sign locally and have the source code.

For example, https://bitcoin.org/en/wallets/desktop/windows/electrum/?step=5&platform=windows

In algorand network, the biggest relay nodes are trustable, so the light-client SPV wallets may refer to these relay nodes. It is even better than the case of BTC, where the referred full nodes need to be located randomly.

To do this we need to know whether there is a merkle tree in the block header or not. However, I have not found the documents about the block structure. It is said that maybe we have to wait for vaucet, which will implement a data storage layer for algorand.

If anyone know the how the data is organized in the block, please kindly paste the link here, and then maybe some professional people will create such a light-client wallet if there is a merkle tree.