Algoexplorer Stake Rewards full state and Tradeable Supply Released

Hi All,
We just released a new version of with some changes:

  • New stats with tradeable supply graph (an new update with tooltips coming soon)
  • Full support to Stake Rewards program current state
  • From and To Balance is shown in each transaction
  • Full API working behind the scenes that will be released soon to the general public

Thanks to all!


May click the link ‘stats’ to access here, nice!

The tradable volumn is less than 400M coins, the price should be hopeful. We hope that the algo community give more details of the coming coin distribution plans, so the investors can calculate that.

For example, a trend graph for the supply of tradeable coins in the next months will support investors much.

We can see that the tradeable supply has stopped ! Does it means that the EIP has started today ? :nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:

It was restored, the EIP votation has started but not approved yet.

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Thanks ! Very happy that the team and the partners are taking the tokenomics seriously :nerd_face:
I have noticed something :
The “super Staking Rewards Program” doesn’t show the right balance of my own account but the balance from 1week ago… Does this mean that it is not updated automatically on the blockchain ?
Cartan website is also outdated compared to Algoexplorer.
Why not synch all that together ?

Seems to me that the balances are correct.

What’s shown there is the staked balance at the point of registration. It should match with the balance of your account published here.

Your current balance will tend to grow by participating rewards.

There are two balances : the Subscribed Amount (sept. 1st) and the Current Balance(today). In my case the subscribed amount is right but the current balance is not right.
My current balance has increased since last week but the subscribers page don’t show that.
That’s why I am asking if the subscribers page update itslef correctly because I want to know the right number of disqualified accounts.

Oh, sorry about the confusion. I can confirm that’s also my case.

Current balances seem to be more accurate for out-of-the-game accounts, so maybe they get updated when particular events happen in them. I’m guessing anyway, Pablo would have a better answer.

Balances get updated when there is activity on the account. If the address doesn’t receive or send a transaction it isn’t updated. Algorand node works on the same way, the participation rewards are in pending state until they receive or send a transaction, that’s why the staking programs got only the rewards until the last transaction of the address.
To track your address you can use that gives you the balance including the pending rewards. Also, you can track balance and transactions using just with the public key.

I received more Algos since then and the account is still not up to date. My real current balance in my wallet and the current balance in the super reward page are absolutely not the same. Only the subscribed amount is the same.
What I am looking to know is if it is really updated automatically based on the number of disqualified accounts or if you have to do it manually ?

The balance on the stake rewards page should be equal to the balance at the moment of the last transaction, you can check the balance at that transaction in the transaction details page.
If that isn’t the case, report the address by PM.

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