AlgoRai.Finance - GP10 Targeted DeFi Rewards distribution plan

Hi Algorand, please see here the distribution plan for AlgoRai’s TDR in GP10: Algorand Governance Targeted DeFi Rewards (Gov Period 10 — Q1 2024) | by AlgoRai Finance | Jan, 2024 | Medium


You didn’t publish any numbers and some of these vault don’t even exist yet + not clear what the difference between a normal vault and a spread vault is? This is not a plan imo


This is not a plan at all. Please detail how many algos for each vault. The apr on algorai was inconsistent with the returns and defi rewards last period and would only update changes to defi apr after the fact. Detailing the exact number of algos per vault to be distributed across the 12 periods makes calculating that from a user standpoint eaiser and also allows for transparency


I agree with the above, would also add that chat gpt is very useful and will proof read your write up. I use it all the time IRL.

Thank you for adding %. For those wondering this is breakdown from algorai in algos below. Now the only questions left. What are the malgo bear spread and bull spread vaults. As those arent visible on the site. I wonder if they are using those funds for a more favorable strike price which if thats the case is an eggregious misuse of funds and cannot be allowed to happen.

Algo bear vault: 23291A (1940A per round)
Malgo bear vault: 69919 (5826 per round)
Malgo bear spread vault: 46627 (3885A per round)
Algo Bull Vault: 46627 (3885A per round)
Malgo bull spread vault: 46627 (3885A per round)
goBTC bear vault: 46627 (3885A per round)
goBTC bull vault: 46627 (3885A per round)
goETH bear vault: 46627 (3885A per round)
goeth bull vault: 46627 (3885A per round)
GOLD$ call vault: 23291 (1940A per round)


Can we get an answer to my last question?


The spread vaults are still in development due to delays so the rewards allocated to that for rounds that have completed are redistributed to the other vaults in the respective proportion.