TDR Distribution Plan Suggestion For GP11

Targeted DeFi Rewards (TDR) are undergoing a significant change for GP11 and the governance team have asked us to seek feedback from the community about our distribution plans before putting them into the governance voting in March 2024 for governor’s approval.

In GP11, AlgoRai proposes to distribute our TDR from 5 April to 28 June (12 rounds) as follows:

  • ALGO Bear Vault (11%)
  • ALGO Bull Vault (11%)
  • mALGO Bear Vault (23%)
  • goBTC Bear Vault (11%)
  • goBTC Bull Vault (11%)
  • goETH Bear Vault (11%)
  • goETH Bull Vault (11%)
  • GOLD$ Call Vault (11%)

These percentages are subject to change based on feedback and participation from partner protocols who share their TDR with vaults of their choice. As the exact amount of TDR in ALGOs has not been finalised, we are estimating based on percentages for now. Our ideal scenario is to share the exact amount of ALGOs each vault will be awarded, we hope to be able to do this in the near future pending information from the Foundation.

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I’m trying to understand why malgo bear vault gets incentivised 2x the ammount algo bear vault does?

Other than that i think vaults as such are a good value for defi on algo and this is one of the easiest proposals to support as it’s fairly easy to understand it :slight_smile:


Oh yes sorry forgot to add an explanation for that. We are currently developing a mALGO bull spread vault, if it is ready in time then our intention is for the mALGO Bear Vault allocation to be split so both vaults are incentivised. If its not ready in time then it could remain with the mALGO Bear Vault or further moved around depending on community feedback.

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Quick update, in the latest TDR allocation draft calculation by the Foundation, AlgoRai has been awarded 312,745 ALGO to distribute. They will be distributed according to the percentages above.

Why are you replying for both Messina and Algorai?