Algorand blockchain transactions in

Hi All,

Algo transactions can be retrieved through API or viewed through But I wanted an automated way of getting the data when a transaction gets confirmed. Algo Wallet App (iOS + Android) does a good job of keeping track of transactions and notifications. But I wanted the data out to my Apps I use. Also I have several accounts (online/offline) and wanted a way to automatically dump the data into Google sheet.

One of my need was to automatically notify in Slack and track Algo transactions in Google sheet. To satisfy this need I created an App in Zapier that can watch for any Algo address transaction and trigger updates to my slack channel. Also I post the transaction to Google sheet for future references. focusses on connecting over 1500 Apps with each other so that it is easy to trigger actions on a different App.

For now, the App is in private beta as it needs atleast 10 people to use it before they can make it public.

My goal is to make this public so that other Zapier users can find it useful.

Link to Zapier App:

Click the link to create a Zap. Choose trigger event as “New Transaction”. In the transaction, choose Public Address of the account you want to monitor. Setup an action such as send to SMS or update in Google sheet. That’s it.

Even if you do not have a Zapier account, you can sign up for free to get 100 transactions per month.

Let me know your feedback.


This is very cool. And worked well for me!