Algorand hasn't solved blockchain trilemma

What algorand promised was it would solve the blockchain trilemma but it’s still stuck and it still has some tradeoff in exchange for speed and security
Relay nodes are still centralised by algorand and anything that requires permission on Decentralised ledger isn’t Decentralised.
Relay nodes still require permission and this is what setting algorand behind the race making it look just another wannabe Ethereum killer.
Algorand might not exist in future if this isn’t sorted out

I think with 2.5 billion algos it could perhaps serve 100 years plus if rewards could be distributed according to the cost etc
Am sure in future I’ll have 1 Gbps internet but until then it sounds very unfair to have limited and selected users for relay node runners … and after 2030 when rewards are finished it still doesn’t promises decentralisation
I hope the governance can open the doors for algorand community members to decide the best outcome for the future and I really think not 2030 but 2130 is perfect reward distribution timeframe for 2.5 billion to be distributed accordingly.


It is centralized by different way… The relay node runners has received 1B algos per six months… The early distribution is very corrupt and few people has more than half of the algos… Even with the “decentralized” governance the decision making will be made by few people, and if they have to decide the proportion of how much money they earn vs how much they give to the community whole algo project is doomed…

The relay nodes are centralized by the notion that the ptr records of all relay nodes are stored only on the single domain… the configuration allows to put there backup domain, but I see it also quite bad centralized point of the algo netowrk and noone seems to care.

The xrp is also centrealized, and algo is little bit more decentralized :slight_smile:


Hoping governance can solve this

you mean that the richest algo guys will decide to give money to the poor?

if you had more than 50% of all algo, what would you do?

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