Lawsuit on algorand possible?

Due to no clearance on how algorand is distributing to early backers and relay node runners the investors funds don’t seem to be safe due to huge amount held by few people called as early backers…
Algorand team has to come up with a plan hope we don’t see issues like ripple had early…

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i share your point of view, but i dont see anything that can be done with this in the mainnet

btw, also other crypto suffer of the whales early backers…

the only solution is to create side chain to algo based on algo technology (which is good) which will be fairly distributed

if anybody wants to help to create this fair net please send me direct message


So a sidechain would be much better in this case ?

exactly… the technology is supperior, but the early distribution and algorand foundation management is bad… so the solution is to use the technology and create other mainnet…

this way implementation to exchanges and applications will be easier… the same way how developers switch from the test net to mainnet


hey all - the foundation has been very transparent here - see their FAQ:

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Hi Paul,

can you please answer simple question?

do you consider it fair that few people get $ 1 billion worth algos for six months, while other investors must pay for each algo $1 ?

yes / no

As I read the governance would decide the future outcome of the remaining algorands on how it should be utilised And community is waiting for the governance model to start .

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