Algorand Indexer Update: 2.12.0 (new required parameter)


Support for Mac with ARM arcitecture, new data directory for future caching optimizations, upgrade golang compiler to 1.17.


Indexer Data Directory

In an effort to consolidate configuration, and create a location for more sophisticated caching, there is a new data directory parameter. The data directory is required and can be specified with one of the following:

  • Command line flag -i or --data-dir
  • YAML file field: data
  • Environment variable: INDEXER_DATA

What’s New

  • Data directory support, --data-dir flag is now a required argument
  • golang upgraded to 1.17


New Features

  • Developer Tools: create indexer data dir (#991)
  • New Feature: Adds Data Directory Support (#1012)



  • API: return empty lists from fetchApplications and fetchAppLocalStates (#1010)
  • API Model: Update model to converge with algod (#1005)
  • Ci: add version to golint install command. (#1000)

Not Yet Enabled

  • Developer Tools: indexer block processor (#982)

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