Algorand NFT-gated access development

Might there be sample code / dev work for NFT-gated access on Algorand?

I’m a medical provider and the application/use would be intended toward unique NFTs/NFDs minted and provided to patients for underserved community health initiatives. My son is a Algorand/Reach dev. I’m looking to create a minimum viable product to demo NFT minting and gated access.

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There’s a lot that can be done with and around NFDs in regard to this. Perhaps TxnLab should create a kind of ‘use-nfd’ helper repo for people to use that handles a lot of these things for projects and users.

I am NOT a dev, my college-age/CS son is the worker. I’m just very interested in Algorand ecosystem development of NFD/NFT gated access tools and functionality. My specific interests are in self managed medical interactions and information availability. ARC 0014 progress?