Algorand plans for FIFA partnership?! Why no update yet!

The FIFA partnership is by far the most important opportunity for Algorand to make a really loud noise and introduce itself to the masses (hundreds of millions of people), however I haven’t seen a concrete plan so far (if there is such plan please provide the link).

A few points:

  • The world cup happens during a short period of time (3 weeks), which may not be sufficient for building momentum. If the idea is that inc. (or FIFA) create(s) a nice product (say an NFT market place) and some advertisements happen just before or when the event starts, that will be too late given everything else going on at the time. Also note that for most soccer fans using crypto may not be that straightforward. They should hear about it for some time, think about it and finally decide to try it.

  • If there is a plan and it is currently being executed why isn’t it public? Why not involve thousands algoholders to be part of the plan and use their potential to inform many. Whatever the plan is, it shouldn’t be one or two dimensional but it should be broad and extremely exciting. Otherwise its impact will be quite disappointing.

  • A simple metric for the preparation success is “what percentage of soccer fans know about the product and are excited about it?” It is a real metric that can be measured by asking this question from 100/1000 random people in different countries. The result would help to adjust the plans as necessary moving forward.

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I’m way more interested in the technical partnership for FIFA than the marketing side tbh. I actually think that the best case scenario is that FIFA releases an app/ a game/infrastructure that interact with Algorand and the user is never aware of it. Huge adoption without a hint of what it is being built upon, much like we connect to AWS servers all day and nobody cares.

we cannot get our hopes up with marketing, if the Algorand team takes the initiative to market this is a bonus. look at SailGP, DRL, Envision, Times Square, Women Soccer as examples, right after giving away money the Algorand marketing team put out posts in the following days and subsequent to that nothing ever happened. this was confirmed by ex-marketing head Keli Callaghan who mentioned in a post when someone complained about the marketing for FIFA that tokenholders should ask why FIFA is not marketing Algorand. she is implying FIFA should do her job, I m just glad she has been booted out and is no longer in the picture. I wouldn’t be surprised if Silvio paid Arrington to take her as a junior partner just to get rid of her.

so again, any marketing from the Algorand marketing team should treated as a bonus.

I never hear anything about the company that built the stadium they play in and im pissed about it. Go build something