Algorand relay node not receiving transactions in Private Network

I was playing around with a Private Algorands network and made 3 relays and 4 regular nodes.
It is working correctly except for one of the relays. When I connect the node to it using the IP: PORT it works ok, blocks are increasing and everything. But when I make a transaction the transaction will stay pending forever, as blocks increases.
When I switch the node to another relay node and try again it works correctly.

All relays nodes are started with the IP of the other Relay nodes, kind of like a mesh.
This is my config file.

        "Version": 16,
        "GossipFanout": 4,
        "NetAddress": ":4161",
        "EndpointAddress": ":8080",
        "DNSBootstrapID": "",
        "EnableProfiler": true,
        "EnableLedgerService": true,
        "EnableBlockService": true

Could the fact that when I created the relay, I used fast catchup be affecting it?

Thanks for your time

I do not know if this is the issue.
But fast catchup should never be used with archival nodes (and in particular with relay nodes).